Character- Dreadhelm

Created by: Roy Johnson

Other Picture: Dreadhelm full body

Real Name: Unknown
Hair: Unknown 
Eyes: Unknown
 6 foot 4 inches
Born in: Ricca

Ethical alliance: Evil


Dreadhelm apparently created Technia, a technologically advanced city located on the Mid-Pacific island nation formerly known as Ricca. It sits at the crossroads of international trade routes and consists of various Sectors - above ground, below ground, and on and below the ocean. Its peoples are subjugated by the application of some of the most sophisticated technology in the world, creating a Cult of Personality of Ricca's Leader, Dreadhelm.

Dreadhelm's first attempt to create genetically engineered beings, the Sub-Men, resulted in them disobeying his commands. As a result, he banished them from Sector 0, the highest level of his domain but they eventually spread into other Sectors, developing a culture of their own.

The Ebon-Cadre, a specific variety of Sub-Men, operate as Dreadhelm's shock troops. They are capable of unassisted flight and are bred primarily for war and instilling fear in their victims.

Based on some of Dreadhelm's statements, it was been theorized that he had found the lost notebooks of Dr. Moreau, which aided him in his experiments.


It is unknown if his powers are innate, or a result of technology (or even magic). Regardless of the source, Dreadhelm has manifested the following powers:

Energy blast: He is able to project beams from his hands of great destructive force, heat, light, radiation.

Flight: He can fly and attain sub-sonic flight.

Force fields: He can generate an invisible field around himself, which can deflect objects or projectiles. His force fields have withstood multiple energy beams from Optima and UltraMan before failing.

Super strength: He is able to lift masses as great as a locomotive (150 tons) with maximum exertion.

Enhanced intelligence:   His "Intelmet" (Intelligence Helmet) device allows him to temporarily absorb the specialized knowledge of others, burning them out in the process. He is then able to apply their specialized knowledge for a limited time to his own ends. He is also a g
enius level tactician and political/military strategist.

His greatest strength lies in his exploitation of others. One of his most common approaches is to kidnap people to serve him. He has kidnapped a number of scientists and forced them to produce weapons for him.

Weaknesses: He is a narcissistic megalomaniac.

Paraphernalia: Dreadhelm uses a suit of armor for additional protection.