Character- E.M.T. #1
EMT #1

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
E.M.T. #1  full body

Comic book appearance:

Real Name: Charles Oaken
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Age: 30
Country of Origin: Germany

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


Charles Oaken was born on the Madison Air force Base in Germany. After his father finished his service, the Oaken Family moved back to Excelsior City. Charles (Chuck) always wanted to help people throughout school, however, his science classes were not what they needed to be for him to become a doctor, so he focused on the next best thing; he became an E.M.T.

With the rise in the number of super powered individuals and the devastation they produced, E.M.T.s began to find themselves over worked. Every day, Charles had to treat countless citizens injured from collateral damage caused by those so-called superheroes and villains.

He grew to hate the protectors of the city as much as the villains they chose to fight. The line between heroes and villains became blurred in his eyes and he began to see that both were the problem.

When Murphy Harris suggested going to the Diamond Dome to use confiscated villain gear to even the odds of supers, Chuck was the last to agree. He wanted to help solve the problem but he didn't want to become one of those he hated. He didn't want to become a "cape", as many called them. In the end, however, he decided to support Harris's plan.

But Chuck was a pacifist. He didn't want his involvement in righting the wrongs done by the capes to bring unintentional harm to normal citizens, so to ensure that he would not be part of the problem, he opted for the non-lethal option. One of the Slumlords of Lower East Quincy has just been apprehended. Going by the name  Splatter, it would be some time before he saw daylight again. His equipment, on the other hand, was ready for the taking. 


Power accessory: Charles' crime fighting accesories is comprised of a special suit and launcher. The launcher can fire an extremely powerful adhesive that dissipates in four hours or with a special solvent. The suit and the launcher are treated so that the adhesive does not stick to them.

Charles is an E.M.T. trained and CPR certified.  

Weaknesses: Charles has no special skills and is a coward when it comes to combat. He is not a fighter.

Paraphernalia: Along with his adhesive suit and launcher, Charles carries an emergency medical Kit.