Team- Slumlords of
Lower East Quincy

Dumbstruck  Ozaleck  Potshot   Swarmface, Master Mullet, Horseshoe, Boy Boom, Man E.T., Yeux, Tibbar, Splatter, Megalo-Donnie, Psycho Opossum,
The O.C. Diva, 

Team founder: Swarmface

Official team leader: Swarmface

Membership: Open to new members

First appearance: Cop#2 Volume 1

Created by: Samuel Bruch



Slumlords of Lower East Quincy was formed after the terror that is Swarmface came to be. He started gathering powered crooks and criminals to take over Excelsior City.

In the absence of Doctor War (from the events of Magilicutty), the Slumlords are the main adversaries of the Committee of Heroes.

Membership requirements: Must be selected by Swarmface.