Character- Fear Keeper
Fear Keeper

Created by: Scotty Freefall

Other Picture: Fear Keeper full body

First appearance: Battle Royale

Name: Unknown
Eyes: Glowing orange
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: Unknown

Born in: Unknown

Ethical alliance: Evil


The Fear Keeper is an unknown. He showed up in Eastwater just a few months ago out of nowhere. He has no other name. He has no past. He seems to appear out of the shadows when people are the most afraid.

Fear Keeper feeds upon their fear. It empowers him, drives him and he won't stop until every living person is driven to their grave out of pure fright.

Seeing the potential of the power within the mysterious man, Mistress Menace recruited him for the Orogeny with the promise that he would no longer need to worry about being interrupted during his "feedings".


Empathy: By generating fear in others and draining it into himself, he sends his victim into a coma-like state. Their fear invigorates him and fills him with inordinate strength and resistance.

Super strength: His strength varies with the amount of fear he has absorbed but has been able him to lift as much as 100 tons.

Enhanced reflexes: His attack speed varies with the amount of fear he has absorbed but he can perform attacks to match the quickest of opponents.

Enhanced vitals: His stored energy increases his stamina, agility and reflexes. 

Physical resistance: Depending on how much fear he has absorbed, his physical resistance to harm can increase to the point where he becomes virtually invulnerable.  

Limitations: The powers he acquires usually lasts for an hour, unless it was drained from someone with a large amount of courage or from multiple victims. The powers will drain faster if used exhaustively.

Weaknesses:  As he uses his reserve of energy, he gets weaker. So, outlasting him is a viable strategy when facing him.

Paraphernalia: By using various toxins and gasses, he produce horrifying illusions, bringing fear to his victims.