Character- Feral Kat
Feral Kat

Created by:  Katie Katfood

Other Picture: Feral Kat full body 

First appearance: 
Real Name: Katie Katfood
Hair: Red
Eyes: Bleu/Green
Height:  5 foot 10 inches
Age: 26

Country of Origin: Planet Trisen 

Ethical alliance: Good


As an orphan, Katie had run away from several foster homes until she eventually made it on her own. But life for her was not always easy. After she discovered that she had unique abilities, she decided to use them to fight for justice.

Unfortunately, fighting for justice had its drawbacks, and she often got into trouble with the law, usually for being too rough on the bad guys she would try to apprehend. Arguing to a judge that she was simply playing the part of the brooding anti-hero did not help either because even if Trisen law permitted this type of vigilantism, arresting criminals was approved but almost killing them was not.

Feral Kat has had run-ins with someone calling herself Feral Kitty who, besides the fact that she wears a different and skimpier costume, looks just like her. It is unknown if the two are related. Were they twins, seperated at birth? Is one of them a clone or doppelgänger from another Trisen?

Currently, Feral Kat is on Earth after Rift Walker rescued several heroes and villains from certain death. It is unknown at this time if Feral Kitty made the journey as well.


Healing factor: Feral Kat is a mutant with amazing regenerative powers. After a few hours, most of her battle injuries have completely healed.

Enhanced reflexes: She can react and move at incredible speed, making her an effective and deadly opponent.

Super jump: Feral Kat can easily leap over a ten-foot fence.

Agility: She 
possesses acrobatic skills, improved health and toughness, amazing fitness and an overall body mastery.

Weaknesses:  Feral Kat is a scrappy type of close in fighter, so ranged attacks can affect her ability to harm her opponent.

Paraphernalia: She wears sharp metal claws made from an unknown alien alloy.