Character- Firedart

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Firedart full body

Real Name: Viviane de Macer
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 32
Born in: Italy (Rome)

Ethical alliance: Good


Viviane was the daughter of a legendary assassin who belonged to a clan that dated back to the ancient Roman times. These were gifted with supernatural powers as was Viviane. She was trained in the arts of assassination by her father and by the age of 12, her skills had surpassed that of most assassins. She was most particularly gifted with her uncanny accuracy at throwing darts and knifes.

When she was nineteen, her clan was attacked by a horde of demons. The clan fought savagely but were outmatched and all were slaughtered, including her father. Surrounded and wounded, Viviane knew she would be next, but as the demon leader was about to claim her life, a trio of demon hunters arrived to lend her a hand.

Morganna, Redslash and Wildwolf were members of The 13th Hand. They had been tracking the demons but had arrived too late to prevent the slaughter. As Redslash and Wildwolf took on the horde, Morganna and Viviane took on the leader. Soon, the horde was defeated and after having witnessed Viviane's impressive skills, Morganna asked her to join her team. With her clan decimated, Viviane agreed.

Over the years, she was trained by the 13th Hand in demon slaying and was given mystical weapons, her personal favorite being her flaming throwing daggers. She eventually gained the ability to absorb flames, an ability passed down by one of her ancestors and took the code name Firedart.

Firedart eventually developed a romantic relationship with Redslash.


Pyrokinetic: Firedart can engulf almost any object in flames. She usually sets her daggers on fire before throwing them.

Fire blast: She can create fireballs from her hands and feet, which she uses as a projectile. She often kicks her fireballs like a football/soccer ball.

Martial arts: She is a very skilled fighter and assassin and has excellent reflexes and accuracy in throwing daggers and darts.

Energy absorption: Firedart can absorb the heat of temperatures reaching 5000 Celcius. She has even shown resistance to Hellfire, indicating that her powers are mystical in nature. 

Constructs: Firedart can create constructs from flames, such as weapons and even armor.

Weaknesses:  Despite her powers, Viviane's physiology is still human and can be harmed like any other mortal. She might be able to absorb flames, but she can still be injured by other attacks.

Paraphernalia: Throwing daggers (different variations, such as fire knifes, explosive knifes, poison knifes, silver knifes and knifes bathed in holy water).