Character- Morganna

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Morganna full body

Real Name: Morganna Atumfiend
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown 
Height: 5 foot 9 inches 
Age: 1000
Born in: Alternate realm

Ethical alliance: Good


Morganna rarely talks about her childhood or more specifically her parents. Her father is a powerful sorcerer and her mother is a succubus, both of whom are from an alternate reality where the supernatural in common place.

In that realm, humans and demons do coexist, albeit, with some difficulties. Humans are often persecuted and are sometimes considered as playthings, but some have managed to master magic and sorcery, and through these, they were able to attain an extended life span. Thousands of years in fact.

These gifted humans began to challenge the rule of their demon overlord, and most particularly, the Demon Lord Daromo. Morganna’s father, Mardas, was one such major player. 

Mardas proved to be a tough opponent for the Demon Lord Daromo, and his demonic forces, so the Demon Lord sent the fallen sirens; a group of three beautiful but deadly succubae sisters.

The trio eventually encountered and battled Mardas and his rebels, but as they battled, one of the sisters, Felinna, had a change of heart and turned on her sisters.

For 10 years, she and Mardas ran and hid as they fought against Daromo’s forces, and in this time, Felinna's feelings towards Mardas grew. The two eventually fell in love and a rare union of human and demon was born from it.

Mardus and Felinna managed to escape to their world and settled on Earth where Felinna bore twin daughters, Morganna and Elizabeth.

Over the years, the twins trained under their father's tutelage and as they learned the art of demon hunting, they also sparred with one another. The competition between the two was high, as both wanted to impress their father. Each had a different fighting style. Morganna won mainly due to her superior fighting skills but what Elizabeth lacked in that category, she made up with her magical abilities and intelligence.

For a hundred years, the two fought and each became powerful demon hunters, making their parents proud, but bitterness rose, as Elizabeth started to feel that her parents favored Morganna over her.

One day, Elizabeth had visit from a mysterious demonic entity. He told her that if she wanted to surpass her sister, she would need to fully embrace her demonic side and lose her humanity. The task was simple. All she had to do was feast on the beating heart of a family member.

Elizabeth decided that her mother would do, and the two engaged in combat. Elizabeth took on her powerful demon form, yet, despite all her efforts, she could not overpower her mother. Felinna, however, was hesitant to finish off her own daughter and this moment of hesitation gave Elizabeth the opportunity to rip out her mother’s heart.

Fraught with grief, Morganna turned on her psychotic sister, and a fierce battle ensued. But their brutal battle was cut short when their father intervened and defeated both of his daughters, leaving Morganna unconscious while Elizabeth had retreated into the woods. 

Mardas eventually founded the "13th Hand".  Morganna became an important part of this organization and over the centuries, Morganna's life consisted of training, recruiting more members to her father's cause and the slaying of demons. As for her sister Elizabeth? She would continue to grow colder and power hungry in her quest for power and in her hatred of her sister. She became known as the Shadow Queen.


Magic: Morganna can wield magic rooted in the nether realms.

Super strength: Her demonic nature gives her the ability to lift around 15 tons and 150 tons in demon form. 

Healing factor: Being a half demon, Morganna can regenerate from stabs and gunshot wounds.

Enhanced reflexes: Morganna has very good reflexes and is easily capable of dodging bullets and energy blasts.

Extended lifespan: Though not immortal, Morganna stopped aging after reaching 21 years of age.

Energy blasts: The most basic attack Morganna uses is green demonic energy that she channels through her hands. The destructive force of the blast can vary, from blowing up walls to levelling an entire city block at full power.

Teleportation: Morganna mostly uses teleportation to travel around the world.

Transform: When the situation demanded it, Morganna has revealed her true power by taking demon form. In this form, she grows wings and horns and her powers increases ten fold.

Summoning: Morganna has on occasions, summoned lesser demons to help her.

Flight: In demon form, Morganna can fly at hypersonic speeds easily reaching Mach 20.

Martial arts: With 1000 years of experience, Morganna has excelled in many forms of combat and has become a formidable opponent.

Weaknesses:  Morganna is usually overconfident, which always seems to get her into troublesome situations and lowers her guard. She also prefers relying on hand to hand combat and weapons rather than her supernatural abilities.

As a half demoness, she has little control over her demon transformation and often goes berserk and in a bloody rampage, which eventually results in her passing out and reverting back to her human.

In her human form Morganna is almost as vulnerable as a normal human. She can be harmed by human weapons like guns and knives, and she can be knocked out by gas.

Morganna is not immortal and can still be killed by decapitation or the destruction of her heart and brain. She can also die from drowning and can’t breathe in the vacuum of space.

Paraphernalia: Morganna’s personal favorite weapons are twin anti-demon guns that were created in the alternate reality where her parents originate. These don’t use bullets. They are powered by the user's energy and they enhance her demonic energy blasts.

For close combat, Morganna uses silver knives that are capable of cutting into the spiritual plane.

Morganna’s most powerful weapon is the Demon-Buster, a large canon weighing 2 tons. Very little can resist its blast.