Character- Firedemon

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

First appearance: 
Other Picture:


Real Name: Steve Davidson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 25

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Steve was a normal kid until he shook hands with an old man. After that something inside of him awoke. He could feel energy and massive power surge inside him. He grew fearful and his fear multiplied when the old man revealed himself to be Satan and claimed Steve was one of his sons.

Without even asking, Satan teleported both of them to a planet called Tibres where they trained powerful beings. He left him there for 12 years where they trained him in all forms of combat from all species. He was beaten regularly which they called "training", luckily for him his skin was becoming more dense, he healed fast usually within 24 hours. He was able to fly at amazing speeds. But Hellfire was his strongest power if he wanted he could destroy a planet. But using that level of power would leave him weakened for about an hour. Granted, not a great amount of time in the grand scheme of things, but could he really chance it?

Satan returned to offer his son a chance to rule by his side and at some point be his successor. But Steve plainly refused. Satan raged, not accustomed to being denied. He grabbed his worthless son and  began to change his physical body to reflect that of his father and cast him away. Satan's last words to him were; "You cannot escape your destiny."

Satan had been right. Steve needed to constantly fight to keep in check the evil that was flowing in his veins, but he percevered and when he had learned all that his teachers could teach him, he flew back to earth. His greatest challenge would be to keep his body temperature down. Failing to do so would destroy or kill anything near him.

Upon his return, Steve looked for his mother and family but found that they had all been killed at the same time he disappeared. It wasn't hard to guess who had done it. But his time for revenge had not yet come. He needed to be ready. If it weren't for the Guardians of Creation giving him a home and a purpose in life he would have been lost.

Before he left Tibres he learned of a epic battle that happens every 25 years where demi-gods like himself can participate and where the survivors can become full fledged gods. So while he waits for his opportunity, he trains and fights in every battle he can find.

He has a goal now. He has power. Soon he will avenge his mother and by killing his father, he will reclaim his sanity.


Hellfire: Firedemon is connected to Satan's primary energy, Hellfire. This mystical fire, burns hotter than flames and colder than ice. It burns in air, vaccum and even under the sea. Nothing can quench its flame.

Energy blasts: Firedemon can release hellfire from his eyes and hands. He also needs to constantly regulate his body temperature or the energy seeping out of him would destroy or nullify any attack before it reached his body.

Physical resistance: His body is denser than normal and can take severe punishment.

Toxin immunity: His body heat kills any poison or diseases.

Extended lifespan: Being a demi-god he possesses long life but he is not immortal.

Super strength: He is capable of lifting weights in the 60 ton range.

Martial arts: For 12 years he was trained in various forms of combat, including alien techniques.

Weaknesses: Controlling his body temperature when he needs to and fighting off Evil urges. 

Paraphernalia: He sometimes uses a mythic sword and throwing knives.