Team- Guardians of Creation
Current Members:

American Justice  Eye of Justice  Firedemon  Hott Plate  killer wail  Psykinetic  

Rift Walker  Ro-Bowtix

Team founder: Rift Walker

Official team leader: Rift Walker

Membership: Open to new members

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1

Created by: Rodney Lockett

Team picture:

The Guardians of Creation were brought together during one of Trisen's darkest time. When the Naciusofti invaded the planet Trisen, its heroes rose and united to confront the threat, unfortunately for them, they were ill-prepared to face this type of adversary and their world was laid waste.

In a last ditched effort to save a handful of his people, the hero known as Rift Walter transported the remaining heroes away from Trisen and settled them on Earth.

From across time and space, fate united these champions to preserve their new world and humanity itself. They have become a beacon of hope as they stand proudly between the darkness and the light.

Membership requirements:  Those who have a desire to save humanity may apply.