Character- Firefighter #1
Firefighter 1

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Firefighter #1 full body

Comic book appearance:

Real Name: Dan Miller
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Age: 37
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


Dan Miller was a firefighter in Excelsior City. He is a single man who fears God, eats chicken wings, loves Hound News, and hates superheroes and their kind. Why does he hate them so much? Well for one thing, before superheroes were around, EMTs firefighters and policemen were respected in this city. They were the ones who dealt with crime and mayhem. When their sirens screamed, people gave way, knowing that those who protected ordinary citizens were on the job. Many rewarded their efforts by giving them free coffee or free haircuts just for wearing a badge. But these were the good old days.

Then, the super freaks showed up. Always managing to get in the thick of things before anyone else. At first, no one contested it. What did it matter who showed up first? Wasn't the safety of the public what really mattered? But as time when on, more "capes" showed up and not all had the security of citizens at heart.

As in every field, there are good guys and there bad guys and the capes were no different. Battles broke out among them and ordinary citizens became entangled in the collateral damage. Sure, the public servants were still on the job to deal with the aftermath but their job was becoming more difficult.

Dan had fought many fires and saved many people throughout his carreer, but most often than not, these had been caused by accidents. These days, however, most of the rescues he had been involved in were caused by the capes and their kind. Dan worked more than he ever had but his job had become playing clean up for heroes. He was fed up and he was not alone.

One night as Dan, his buddy Matthew and a handful of friends were playing poker, the idea to stick it to the heroes and villains of Excelsior City was brought up. Having found a way to access Diamond Dome, the storage facility where confiscated super villain gear was kept, the group decided to "borrow" some of the gear.

Dan chose the suit of Dango Mushi, the Pillbug Samurai villain, and along with his four buddies, the team Public Servants was put in action. 


Power armor: The Dango Mushi suit is heavily armored and can propel itself in ball form. In ball form, the wearer can accelerate up to 60 miles per hour. The suit is also equipped with gyroscopic sensors and sonar that tap directly into the brain allowing the wearer to be fully aware of his surroundings while rolling.

Physical resistance: In its ball form, the armor is incredibly destructive and almost impossible to stop. 

Weaknesses: There are connecting points in the suit that can be breached with a knife or similar weapons while not in ball form.

While rolling, as the speed reaches its maximum, the ability to maintain directional control is reduced. 

Dan is hot blooded and rushes in.