Character- Flora

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta

Other Pictures: 
         Flora and other Chilean heroes


Real Name: Rosario "Charo" Olivares
Hair: Blond but wears a green wig
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 5 inches
Age: 27
Country of Origin: Chile

Ethical alliance: Good


Charo, being an exemplary kinesiologyst, was contacted by the government to work on a secret project. She was to head a team to analyse the same delta radiation that had allowed Silver Flame to give others powers. The team was trying to reproduce the experiment on a machine so that they would be able to have control over the results but, again, they failed to reproduce it.

However, unknown to them, Charo's continuous exposure to the Delta radiation had an effect on her. She found that she had been given the ability to control plants. She kept this discovery to herself knowing that if she told her superiors, they would start using her as a test subject like they had tried to do with Silver Flame. Instead, she told the other super powered hero she knew, Biorisk.

Biorisk was working with the same team, but unlike them, he was only there as a risk preventionist and was unaware of the government's true motive. 
Once he learned of it, he took Chora under his wing and helped her begin her heroic journey. She took the name Flora.


Florakinesis: Flora can control the plants around her. She can make them move and attack, trip and entangle people. She can also sense plants from a distance, making it easy for her to detect drug dealers.

Biological Acceleration: She can also accelerate the growth of seeds. This causes the seeds to develop unnaturally and they tend to grow into mutant plants. However, Flora has developed a certain control over their growth and can influence favorable and practical mutations to evolve for her own purposes.

Healing factor: She can heal fast and even regenerate parts of her body.

Extended Lifespan: Although it hasn't yet been confirmed, it is believed that Flora's regenerative powers affect the rate at which she ages. It has been hypothesized that she may be able to live as long as a Redwood.

Power lift: She can grow mutant roots and use them to  lift objects in the 1 ton range.

Toxin resistance: She possesses a high tolerance to poisons. 

Weaknesses: Flora relies on plants for her protection. If there are too few plants around, she needs a good patch of soil to grow her own.

Paraphernalia: She wears a green wig to better hide her identity. She also carries a kit of seeds which she can grow or whose toxins she can use.