Character- Galaxy

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

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Galaxy Profile pic
Galaxy full body

The Gratitude of Galaxy
Galaxy Under Control

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Real Name: Luna Murphy
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 7 inches (1.75 m)
Age: 28
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good

Sexual preference: Females


Luna was best friend with Samantha, also known as Cyber Queen, and one day, while Samantha was experimenting on her armor's main weakness, cosmic rays, the experiment went awry.

Luna had come by for a visit that day, and knowing that Samantha's armor was susceptible to the rays, she tried to push her out of the way, unfortunately, Luna was hit with a doze of cosmic rays. 

The cosmic energy in her body is unstable and because of that energy, Galaxy life is in jeopardy. Samantha says that she will not live beyond her 35th year.


Super strength: Galaxy can lift 1000 lbs easily but can possibly lift as much as one ton.

Energy blast: She can unleash cosmic energy from her hands but must be wary not to overtax her limits or she may run out.
Physical resistance: Has a high resistance to physical attacks capable of withstanding most projectile weapons.

Healing factor: She possesses increased recuperative abilities enabling her to heal quickly from most forms of injury.

Flight: Galaxy's main mode of transport is flight.

Weaknesses:  She is vulnerable to energy and elemental attacks, particularly to electricity since her body is oddly an excellent conductor.

Does not possess special immunity or resistance against chemical or biological attack, other than her healing factor.