Character- The Gambler

Created by: Chris V

Other pictures: 
The Gambler profile picture

First appearance: Victory #6

Real Name: Dustin Logan
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 34
Born in: Perth, UK

Ethical alliance: Good


He never was the hero type. From his early childhood to his adult years, Dustin always took chances like doing crazy stunts and fooling around with gang members' girlfriends.

At 17, Dustin lived a life of mischief and debauchery, and even had a few run-ins with the law for public drunkuness and bar fights. But when his super powers kicked in, he began to rethink his purpose.

With the ability to regenerate from any type of injury and believing he could never die, Dustin decided to become a superhero and called himself The Gambler. He moved to the US and decided to join Hero Corp.

Under Bloodwing's tutelage he became a full fledged member and took on many dangerous foes in his carrer.
He even went up against a fire demon who incinerated his body. Everyone thought it had been the end of him but within only a few hours, The Gambler's body was fully regrown.

As to the limit of his abilities...only time will tell.


Regeneration: The Gambler can regenerate from any injury and regrow lost limbs, even his head. 

Immortality: Bloodwing tested the Gambler's immune system and he believes that he can't be killed.

Weaknesses: The Gambler can get knocked unconscious and every time you try to "kill him" it takes him a few hours to come back.

He also doesn't take his trainning seriously, believing since he can't "die", he doesn't need to worry.