Character- Golden Gauntlet
Golden Gauntlet

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: Manchine #2

Other Picture: 
Golden Gauntlet full body

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: 30

Nationality: Extra-dimensional

Ethical alliance: Evil


The man who would become Golden Gauntlet was born in another dimension. One day, he stumbled on a dying gauntlet wielder who had also come from another dimension. The dying man's last words were "Use these gauntlets for Good".

As he watched the stranger give out his last breath, he laughed, knowing full well that doing good was not his style. Still, he wondered what was so special about the gauntlets and put them on.

He began experimenting with them and learned that the powers they bestowed were almost limitless and a few weeks after appearing in public, he was approach by Magnus Star who offered him the opportunity to join Vengeance Inc.

Knowing full well that anyone opposing Vengeance Inc was quickly eliminated, he quickly became a contributing member and started proving his worth by killing several aliens who wanted to "liberate" Earth. 


Constructs: The gauntlets can generate golden, solid-light constructs, the precise physical nature of which has never been specified. The size, complexity, and strength of these constructs is limited only by the determination of the wearer; whatever the wearer imagines, the gauntlets will create. As of now, no upper limit to the gauntlets' capabilities has yet been demonstrated.

Flight: He can fly at speeds approaching point-five light speed.

Energy blasts: The gauntlets can release electromagnetic radiation of various frequencies. This radiation can be focused by the wearer into a beam, similar in appearance and effect to a powerful laser. The gauntlet are also capable of producing an electrical current.

Cross-dimensional travel: Golden Gauntlet can travel to various dimensions and remain there indefinitely.

Force fields: 
When active, the gauntlets will encase their user in a protective, life-supporting force field. This force field allows the user to fly and travel through inhospitable environments (outer space, underwater, etc...)

Space travel: 
While encased in his protective field, Golden Gauntlet can travel in the vaccum of space and travel inter-planetary distances.

The gauntlets are highly advanced computers. They are able to talk to and advise the wearer as to various courses of action, as well as act as a universal translator. 

Super strength: With the gauntlets' powers, he can lift weights surpassing 100 tons.

The gauntlets can also scan for energy signatures and have various computer applications.

Weaknesses: Each gauntlet has a power source of 6 × 10(25) joules of energy which they must recharge every week. Both gauntlets must be in contact with their wearer to function.