Team- Vengeance Inc
Current Members:

Blur  Golden Gauntlet  Night Lord , Magnus Star, Amazon, Beast of the Deep, Harlequin

Team founders: Night Lord, Magnus Star

Official team leader: Night Lord

Membership: Not open to new members

Created by:
Brian Hitsman

Vengeance Inc is a group bent on controlling the Earth of their dimension. Magnus Star and Night Lord started the group after the Heroes of Earth tried to defeat Magnus Star.

Their justice was absolute as they were judge, jury, and executioner. There are no prisons on this world and freedom is limited to the people of this Earth. There are hidden bands of resistance fighters but none of them can go up against the raw power of Vengeance Inc. Night Lord has set up a computer system that links all the worlds government to him. This brings peace to the world but at what cost?

Each of the Elites proves their worth in each of their field. Amazon has mystic background, Beast of the Deep patrols the waters, Golden Gauntlet patrols space, Harlequin brings the psychic abilities, Blur can bypass any security measures, Magnus Star is the muscle and Night Lord is the brains behind it all. 

Membership requirements: All Elites positions being filled, membership is unavailable. However, each Elite can and does recruit  super powered individuals to help keep control of their area of the world.