Character- Gorgo 

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #9

Real Name: Samuel Freeman
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Age: 191

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Samuel was born into slavery and experienced the atrocities of that era. When he was 15, a man approached him, claiming to be his father. Samuel had never known his father, so he went to his mother to confirm the man's words. The look on his mother's face told him all he needed to know. This man was indeed his father.

The man asked Samuel why he had not escaped his fate? Why had he not fought back against the slavers when he had the strength to punish them for what they had put him and his mother through?

Samuel looked at him confused, not understanding what the man was asking. Fighting back would only have brought more pain and suffering to himself and his mother, he replied.

The man clasped his son's hand in a firm grip. "No, fighting back would have brought you vengeance."

Samuel suddenly felt a power flow through him. His body began to change. Wings sprouted from his back, and a fire seemed to burn inside of him. 

Samuel stepped out into the open, ready to bring his own justice on those he deemed guilty. He called out to those who had been enslaved and told them that he would free them, but as they looked at Samuel's demonic form, they ran away in fear.

The slave owners came out with guns, thinking there was an uprising. They shot at the slaves they thought were trying to escape, and amidst the mayhem, a stray bullet found his mother, killing her.

Samuel felt rage like never before. He lifted his arms and released his newfound power at the men who had been responsible. A river of flames flew out of his hands, burning the men to a crisp, but Samuel's rage would not stop with the death of these men. The flames grew in size and ferocity, until nothing was left to burn. The plantation was gone, as were all those who had stayed behind.

The father smiled, as he took his son home. That's when Samuel learned the truth. Satan was his father. He had taken him to his domain, the place where he ruled, Hell. There, Satan would teach him what it meant to be a demigod. But first, his son had to shed the remainder of his human life away, and so, Samuel became Gorgo.

As the years went by, Gorgo noticed that his father's attention had drifted. It turned out that Gorgo had a half-brother, and his father had been watching him grow up on Earth. Gorgo asked his father why he needed this scrawny kid when he already had a son worthy of him. His father got quiet and just said the young one was special. 

Gorgo was furious to lose the attention of his father to that worthless human, and even more so when his father decided to bring him to hell under the name Firedemon, but Gorgo kept his anger hidden from his father. He needed to show him who was the best choice to take over hell when his father decided to step down.

So, Gorgo played the long game, even volunteering to instruct Firedemon in his training. And instruct him, he would, through pain, torture and abuse. After all, wasn't this place hell?


Hellfire: Gorgo controls hellfire and is incredibly powerful.

Healing factor: His body can recover and heal quickly.

Physical resistance: Gorgo's dense skin is bestowed to demigods. It can withstand powerful blows.

Flight: His wings allow him to fly at incredible speeds.

Super strength: His enhanced strength enables him to lift around 15 tons.

Extended lifespan: Gorgo is a demigod and can live hundreds of years, maybe even thousands.