Character- Jack Rabbit 
Jack Rabbit

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #9

Real Name: Jack Edwards
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Age: 27

Born in: USA
Ethical alliance: Evil


Jack grew up in upstate New York. His family were TV evangelists, so he was raised in a pretty religious environment. It was only when he went to college, that he put aside his religious side a bit, not having his parents constantly preach to him. 

The guys in his frat house, however, knew of his religious upbringing and constantly harassed him to see how often he would "turn the other cheek". Jack persevered for a time, but when harassment turned to hazing, he snapped and punched the Fraternity President. The Frat "brothers" jumped on top of him and started punching and kicking him.

Jack tried to get away, but the frat gang had him pinned down. As he started to panic, he felt the adrenaline build up inside him. He then felt that a power had awakened within, and he released it, sending the pack of bodies flying across the room. Jack bolted out the door, but when he heard them calling him a freak, he returned and lashed out, beating them so badly that two of them died.

He rushed home, and told his parents what had happened, but when his father saw him use his speed, he called him a demon and cast him out, as God would have done. Jack turned to his mother, but all she would do is look away, a look of shame on her face.

As he watched his father call 911, Jack realized that no help would come from them. He took off and ran for hours, aimlessly, until he came upon a tattered poster advertising a travelling Freak Show.

He decided that he would join the show and hide in plain sight, performing like the rest of the freaks. When he caught up to the show, the manager recognized him. It turned out that Jack had been all over the news, but instead of turning him to the police, the manager offered him sanctuary. Jack joined the group and took the name Jack Rabbit.

A few months later, Jack was approached by a beastly looking creature that called himself Krampus. Krampus told him that he knew the truth about his birth. It turned out that Jack was really the son of the Easter Bunny. He had visited his mother in human form and had relations with her.

Jack now understood why his mother had looked away in shame as she had seen his powers. She had not been ashamed of him, but of herself. 

Krampus told him that he was putting a group together to cause chaos and get people to believe in mythical creatures again. He wanted Jack to be a part of this group. Jack declined.

The Freak Show had taken him in, and given him a home. They had made him welcome and had never asked him to explain his past, nor had they judged him. His loyalty belonged to them.


Speed: Jack Rabbit is capable of running from the East Coast of the US to the West Coast in a little over one hour, making his top speed around Mach 5.

Healing factor:
 His metabolism is also accelerated and allows him to speed up his healing process. 

Super jump: He can also make jumps of over fifty feet.