Character- Jessica

Created by: Anya Storm

First appearance: 
The Azria's Evil Plan-Demonic Fights
(Part 5 of 8)

Other picture: Jessica full body

Real Name: Jessica
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Red
 6 foot 
Age: Unknown
Born in: Undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Evil


Jessica is a clone of Anya Storm. She was created by a mad scientist but the clone was taken over by a demoness. The two merged as one. 

Through her power, Jessica can control minor demons to do her bidding. She also has a willing follower in the form of a blood sorceress who worships her and thinks Jessica is a goddess.


Magic: She can manipulate dark magic or demonic energy and use it for various purposes.

Life drain: She can drain power and the life force of others.

Energy blast: She can fire painful blasts of demonic energy.

Constructs: She has the ability to create demonic weapons and can unleash tentacles of energy to grab or slay her opponents.

Physical resistance: Her demonic body can withstand most forms of attacks.

Flight: She can fly and attain multi-mach speeds.

 She can regenerate lost limbs.

Super strength: Her power enables her to lift in the vicinity of 300 tons.

Weaknesses:  Her demonic body can be harmed by blessed weapons or Holy magic. 

She does not like cats and gets headaches when they meow.