Character- Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

Art by Joe de Santos

Real Name: Jolly Roger
Hair: Greyish black
Eyes: White
Height: 6'1"
Age: 335

Nationality: English

Ethical alliance: Evil


The Goddess Keto, the personification of the dangers of the sea, took great pleasure in watching Man brave her glorious expanses, but took greater pleasure watching him die in her watery embrace.

She took notice of Jolly Roger, a pirate in the 1600s, when he became her greatest dispenser of pleasure.

To seduce him to her side, she made herself known to him and upon seeing her beauty, Jolly fell in love with her. He gladly offered her his soul and pledged to do her bidding for eternity. As a reward, she gave him control of her sea monsters and promised him that upon his death she would grant him the power to continue serving her. 

Jolly Roger became unstoppable and was one of the most feared pirates in history, defeating all enemies that opposed him. Everywhere he sailed, Keto danced by his side, driving ships off course, so they would cross Jolly's path. Storms raged and oceans roared as Keto revelled in the joy of their deaths. But even if Jolly kept her satiated, she still wanted more.

Jolly wanted nothing more than to please her, so he sent word to pirates everywhere that if they flew the skull and crossbones flag named after him, that Keto would spare their ships from destruction at sea. He told them that they could plunder all they wanted, but in return, they were to send the crews of all their catch into Keto's arms.

The seas became filled with blood.

Jolly served her faithfully and when his body died, Keto fulfilled her promise and claimed his soul. She eventually released him back in the world, but the world was changing. Less and less people died at sea and the crossbones flag was rarely seen.

As Keto tried to find a new source for her pleasure, she came to realize, that although she had enjoyed the deaths of so many below her watery abyss, her real pleasure had not come from their deaths but from their fears.

As she explored the fears of man, she found that man's greatest was that of death itself. She gave Jolly Roger the ability to bring death back to man. To have death haunt them and hunt them. And as death chased them, their fears filled her with joy.

Jolly Roger brought much fear to the world and much pleasure to Keto. But Keto would often rest and while she did, Jolly formed new alliances to bide his time. He searched for others like him. Others who revelled in pain and destruction, and he found them within the Society of Evil


Nechromancy: Keto has given him the ability to raise the dead, be they human or animal. Ordinarily, he can only raise and control the dead that lie within 200 yards of himself, but the distance increases at certain times of the year, such as during full moons, but on Hallow's Eve is when his power is the greatest and when Keto needs to feed the most.

 Jolly Roger can float like a ghost and propel himself at moderate speeds. This type of locomotion is unaffected by gravity or wind.

Intangibility: Jolly Roger can assume a spectral form rendering him intangible.

Physical resistance: Being already dead, he feels no pain from most attacks, and he cannot be destroyed by conventional means.

Super strength:  He possesses enhanced strength enabling him to lift 2 tons.

Weaknesses: Certain magics can affect him, the most potent being Holy magics.

Paraphernalia: Jolly Roger often carries a sword, but his most peculiar aspect is that he still has a peg leg, even though he no longer has a real body. It is believed that his leg may play a part in conjuring the dead, for when he conjures, he usually taps it like someone would a drum.