Team- Society of Evil
Current Members:

Badz  Fool`s Parsley  Jolly Roger  Mr Okada  poison arrow  Preyin Mantis   

stool pigeon

Golden age members:

Grey Fox  Macabre Hombre  Poker Queen  
Professor Fallout   

Team founder: Mr Okada

Official team leader: Poison Arrow

Membership: Open to new members

First appearance: 
All-Winners Society #1 

Created by: Rodney Lockett

Team picture:

The Society of Evil was formed by Mr Okada during WWII, and he currently finances the present day team. Okada doesn't look like he has aged a day, so rumors are that he is possibly immortal. He is a billionaire, and it is believed he formed the team at the request of emperor Hirohito to help with the war and counter the All-Winners Society.

Today, the Society of Evil has basically become Okada's henchmen, which he uses to acquire items and enforce his wishes.

Membership requirements:  To join the early version of the team, the characters must live during the WWII era. 

The present team accepts members based on their villainy.