Character- Kaliyuga

Created by: Heroineburgh

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Other appearances:

Heroineburgh episodes 15, 17, 21 
Heroineburgh Custom 8

Live action Kaliyuga:

Real Name: Kalima Balakrishnan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Age: 30

Born in: India

Ethical alliance: Evil


Dr. Kalima Balakrishnan, an expert in extraterrestrial geology, moved from India to Pittsburgh to pursue post-graduate research at Carnegie Mellon. She was under the impression that her level of expertise would land her a faculty position at the university, but her advancement was blocked by the department head, Dr. Bernstein. 

As a result, Kalima was forced to open a boutique store in Lawrenceville for paltry income, selling rocks and crystals to New Age hippies and affluent yuppies. One day, the superheroines, Arogya and Spectrina, walked into the store and requested that Kalima run an analysis of the dark energy meteorites they had found from the recent explosion above the city.

While studying the meteorites overnight, Kalima noticed that the rocks began to disappear one by one, infusing her with incredible warmth. By the time the heroines returned the next day for their results, there was only one meteorite left. 

When the heroines inquired as to where the rocks went, instead of answering, Kalima stepped out from behind her desk and raised her hands in the air, proclaiming that she was about to undergo her true metamorphosis. In a thunderous flash, the geologist was gone, and in her place stood a beautiful goddess clad in a tight purple costume.

Dubbing herself "Kaliyuga the Destroyer", the new supervillainess knocked out the heroines, and then collapsed her building on top of them, leaving them for dead in the debris. She then went on a vengeful rampage, destroying several buildings on the CMU campus and taking Dr. Bernstein hostage. 

Arogya the Healer survived the building collapse, and teamed up with Frija to rescue Dr. Berstein and subdued Kaliyuga, taking the villainess into custody. Later on, Kaliyuga escaped during a prison break, and joined up with Dark Spectra's all-female edition of the criminal Black Faction.

Currently, Kaliyuga serves as Dark Spectra's lieutenant in the Black Faction. She is grappling with the romantic feelings she has developed for her boss, whom she respects as the only goddess greater than she is. Kaliyuga's plan is to collect more meteorites to absorb, to make herself once again the most powerful being in the city.


Super strength: Kalima's enhanced strength allows her to lift approximately 1 ton.

Energy blasts: She can discharge powerful blasts of seismic force, capable of toppling buildings.

Energy absorption: Kalima has the ability to absorb meteorites of dark energy within her body. The more she absorbs, the more powerful she becomes.

Enhanced vitals: Her body's density has been increased by the dark energy to the point that low calibre bullets have little effect on her.

Weaknesses: Her power can be drained by an energy siphoner.  She can be overpowered by a stronger opponent. Her huge ego and thirst for vengeance prevents her from trusting or loving others