Character- Kat

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Kat
A.K.A.: Kattie Purry, No.12248
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Age: 24
Country of Origin: Canada

Ethical alliance: Good


Kat is a cat girl, quite literally. She was a kitten then known as No.12248. She was a lab animal meant to be experimented on. The head scientist, Chester Downs, an expert in mutation gene splicing, combined human DNA with animal DNA to create a human animal hybrid population.

The mutated failures were tossed underground to roam freely. These were later known as Metro Mutants. Kat was to be his next experiment but the animal protection organization PETA arrived and shut the lab down. Amongst the chaos, Kat escaped through a window and leaped to freedom.

That leap landed her on Rex Davidson and he, along with Lex Morgan and John Fulton, took a liking to her but eventually, they left her to her fend for herself. They kept visiting her regularly and after a visit from Lex, Rex and John, she followed them to Sleazy Larry's stripclub and hid in the vents. As she watched the girls dance, she started to mimic some movements to the music and loved it.

After another visit from Lex, Rex, and John, Kat received a collar with a bell as a gift from them. Kat was truly happy.

Soon after, Kat went through a spurt of growth and grew into a full grown human with cat ears. Feeling confident with her new appearance, Kat went to Sleazy Larry's to try out to be dancer and after mimicking all the dance moves she had seen on her previous visit, she got hired.

Even as a cat girl, her beauty attracts a lot of attention. Next to Tiffany, Kat or as she is known, Kattie Purry, is a top draw at the club, bringing anime nerds and lonely Asian business.  


Animal abilities: Even though she is human, she still has her cat like instincts, reactions and abilities. She likes to curl up on someone's lap to sleep, paws at stuff with her hand and she stills purrs and meows at times.

Animal attributes: Kat has cat ears, eyes and claws.

Weaknesses: Kat is susceptible to a small bell that Chester Downs uses to control her. She goes into a brainwashed golem-like state and answers all his commands.