Character- Kiara the Mystic

Created by: Chris V 

Other pictures: Kiara Profile picture

First appearance: Victory #6

Real Name: Kiara Anderson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
 5 foot 2 inches
Age: 37
Born in: Cheongia (Green Earth)

Ethical alliance: Good


Kiara was born in the land of Cheongia. She was the apprentice to a wizard named, Dronov. But Dronov was a jealous man. He did everything to belittle Kiara and treated her nothing more than a mere assistant. In truth, Kiara had surpassed Dronov's mystic abillities and was getting better.

Dronov's jealousy ran so deep that one day, he created a potion that allowed a person to teleport to different worlds without having to be a Sage. But after using the potion on a small animal, the animal turned to ash.

This gave the sinister wizard a terrible idea.

Soon after, Kiara entered Dronov's house. Dronov called out to her and asked her to assist him with a potion. He told her that it was a vanity potion that rendered a woman's eyes into any color she would desire.  He asks her to drink it. Kiara did as he asked. She had no reason to mistrust him. It was not the first time she had assisted him in that fashion, but once she had consumed it, the evil wizard burst out laughing. Confused, Kiara asks Dronov the reason for his outburst. Casually, the dark wizard told her of his plans to be rid of her and that in moments she would be dead.

Unfortunately for the wizard, Kiara didn't die. Instead of killing her, Kiara's being adapted to the potion. She now had the power to teleport to different universes. She left the wizard and went to the world where her idol, Tobias Black, lived. She appeared on that Earth, in the year 1991, where she found Tobias and told him her tale. Tobias took her under his wing and molded her to be the hero, now calling herself, Kiara the mystic.

Fighting alongside her new mentor, she became the leading expert in all forms of magic. This got the attention of
Bloodwing, the leader of Hero Corp. He invited her to join the group and trained her in physical combat. She became his magical advisor.


Magic: Kiara was born with a high levels of magical potential, this mana, has given her the inate ability to read spells and create them. 

Teleportation: The potion she assimilated has augmented her abilities and given her the means to teleport across space and dimensions.

Cross-dimensional travel: Kiara can teleport
to different universes where magic has a foothold. All she has to do is close her eyes and wish herself there. If she knows someone in another world, she can travel to their exact location.

Elemental magic: Her magical knowledge enables her to create fireball blasts and lighting bolts as a means of offensive attack.

Healing: Kiara can brew potions to do minor healing.

Shape shifting: Kiara can also change her shape or appear as someone else.

Transmutation: She has the ability to transmute objects into other forms, though the maximum size cannot exceed that of the largest land mammal.

Weaknesses: Her mana can get weakened if she uses complex spells. She is still human, and can get exhausted through physical labor, such as running and fighting.