Character- La Guillotine
La Guillotine

Created by: Russ Platt

Other Picture: 
 La Guillotine full body

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1


A.K.A: La Guilletine/Le Guilletine
Real Name:
Louis Guille

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 3 inches 
Age: 241
Country of origin: Planet Trisen in a country very similar to France

Ethical alliance: Good


Whether it is through coincidence or by design, the planet Trisen has given rise to many cultures and peoples that turned out to be unbelievably similar to those of Earth and it was in one such land that Louis Guille was born.

During a time that became known as the Frenchel Revolution, Louis fought alongside those who wanted freedom and justice and bandied against those who would oppress his people. It was while fighting for freedom and for his life that he first learned he was different.

The battle had been brutal and hundreds had fallen to the swords and guns of the oppressors. The revolutionaries were losing ground and Louis found himself backed against a wall with nowhere to turn. The enemy was closing in and Louis could see his men getting mowed down by the advancing army. As he saw the hopelessness of the situation, it brought a chill down his neck. He tried to dismiss the feeling and fought to focus on the battle, but the feeling he felt only intensified.

Absentmindedly, he reached out to scratch what he felt was an imaginary itch, but to his surprise, his hand found something. As he pulled the object free, he felt a power flow out of him.

Where had the formidable axe he was holding come from?  Had it always been lodged inside him waiting to be claimed? Louis had no answer but he had resolve. The power he had received would not be wasted.

Lashing out with unbridled fury, he hacked a path through his enemies and managed to guide his men out of harm's way. The battle may have been lost but they would return to fight another day. 

Louis had witnessed the power of the executioner's axe as it had beheaded the rebels who had been captured. He decided that his own axe would eventually return the favor to those who had dispensed it. Taking on the name La Guillotine, Louis continued to lead his revolutionaries against the oppressing regime that ruled them, and within a few months, the revolution had claimed its freedom.

As the years went by, Louis lost many loved ones to old age and sickness but unlike them, he never got sick nor did he seem to age. When he finally found himself alone, he left his country. He travelled the world and continued to use his skill to defend the oppressed.

When the Nacuisofti invaded Trisen, Louis joined other heroes to defeat this new enemy. But their enemy had come prepared. They had come from the stars and they wielded terrible weapons of destruction. Trisen had its heroes but even they had been no match. Their world had fallen and would never be rebuilt.

The hero known as Rift Walker would not accept total defeat and so, in a desperate attempt to save the few lives that remained, he teleported the last Trisen survivors to Earth. Louis was among them.

Now living on Earth, La Guillotine has resumed his role as protector of the oppressed.


Super strength: La Guillotine possesses strength enabling him to lift around 1 ton. 

Toxin immunity: His body is immune to diseases and poisons.

Extended lifespan: His body ages very slowly. It is believed that once his power was released he began to age 1 year for every 45.

Summoning: la Guillotine can summon his weapon at will. It isn't clear whether the weapon is a part of him or if it is summoned from somewhere else.