Character- Lava Dragon
Lava Dragon

Created by: Mike Silva

Other pictures:
Lava Dragon full body 
Lava Dragon alternate mask

Name: Juliana Kirby
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Hair: Brown
Age: 20

Born in: Canada

Ethical alliance: Good


Juliana, a seismology student (and author in her spare time) was sent as part of a team to investigate abnormal seismic activities coming from Italy's Vesuvius. The Vesuvius had a history of minor eruptions during the last hundred years, but the readings that seismographs registered, indicated to something major.

As her team made their way down its crater, they discovered the source of the anomaly. A race of subterranean beings were using advanced technology to force the volcano to erupt in the hopes of creating another Pompeii. One of her colleagues suggested that the beings may have had connections to the ancient civilization of Atlantis, though no concrete evidence has since been found.

Juliana and her team tried to intervene, knowing that the lives of thousands were in jeopardy but the beings saw them and hunted them down. One by one, her team fell.

Knowing that death was inescapable, Juliana rushed to the machine in a last ditch effort to stop it. As she climbed on its turret, she pulled at whatever she could, in the hopes that she would damage it, but she only managed to alter its aim.

The machine's firing sequence ready, one of the creatures didn't wait for the human to cause it any more damage and turned it on.

As she fell into the lava, Juliana was caught in the blast of the seismic inducing machine. She saw a rocky ledge and climbed onto it. Her magma covered body slowly cooled and Juliana's skin returned to its original look. Somehow, the combination of the machine's energy and the lava had changed her.

Juliana was too low in the crater to see what the creatures were doing so she willed a column of magma to rise beneath her. She saw the creatures frantically trying to prime the machine for a second blast, but Juliana sent a wave of magma to cover the entire site. Machine and creatures were buried in molten rock.

When she came back to Canada, she heard the stories of a mysterious hero in Montreal, The Hurricane. She went to see him in the hopes that he could help her. He told her that there was nothing he could do but that, like him, she should embrace what she had become. Now, she could become a force for good and help people.

Rather than wasting the gift she had been given, she agreed to do what she could. The Hurricane helped her design her costume and gave her the name "Lava Dragon" .

As they fought alongside, they developed a strong friendship which in time became more.


Magma Manipulation: She can manipulate the magma of the Earth and even turn the ground into lava. She can control it however she wants, lifting it up from the ground or even cooling it down so it turns back to its solid form, forming whatever shape she wants.

Physical and energy resistance: The density of her skin has been altered, making it as firm as stone. Its resistance can stop regular firearms fire, making her bulletproof.

She can resist temperatures exceeding 1000 Celsius and she can also adjust her own body temperature to protect her from frigid environments. 

Flight: Her bond to the planet's magma allows her to feel the Earth's magnetic field and by latching onto it, she can propel herself and fly at speeds of up to 500 mph.  

Weaknesses: Although she is bulletproof, high caliber bullets and explosives can still harm her, and even if bullets do not harm her, she still feels the pain.