Character- Leading Man
Leading Man

Created by: Rodney Lockett and Joe Linehan

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Real Name: Rock Gable
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Age: 33

Born in:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Rock was born a good looking man and a very fit one, but it was only when he turned 18 that he noticed how strong he really was.

Wanting to become an actor, he studied art and drama but also started working on his outward appearance. He wanted to look as good as he felt and so began lifting weights to build his muscles and hopefully become more desirable during auditions.

He started his workouts with weights he deemed appropriate for a beginner but soon realized that he was lifting much more than he should be able to. He knew that he had always been strong and as a child, he had often scoffed at injuries that would have sent most kids crying to their mothers. But now that he actually saw the amount of weights he was lifting, he knew he was special.

When he saw onlookers gawking at his feats, he decided that it was better to train at his home for fear that someone would notice him and ask too many questions, which he himself didn't have answers for.

He decided that he would use that gift of his to promote himself and make it a part of his resumé. To further improve his chances of success, he started to train various fighting styles and in the end, it paid off. He got his first break in a swashbuckler's film and the studios, impressed with his skills as an actor, stuntman and swordsmanship, began to sign him up for many more projects.

The studios liked him because he saved them money. He could do his own stunts and rarely got a scratch doing them. They could cut down on safety personnel and stunt personnel, because he often did others' stunts as well and his knowledge of swordsmanship enabled him to teach others so the fights were more believable. In short, his movies were a success.

When WWII broke out, the government asked Rock to do what they asked many famous people to do; come overseas and entertain the troops. It was during one of these visits that German troops made a surprise attack. Somehow, they had managed to infiltrate the secure perimeter while the entertainment was going on.

As they entered the camp the allied forces fought bravely but were badly outnumbered. Rock decided that he wasn't going to stay hidden as he had been ordered to. Not comfortable with guns, he grabbed his sword and shield. He was glad he had brought his real ones instead of the studio's props.

People watched with amazement as he hacked through the Nazi line. His sword barely paused as it cleaved through body, helmet and weapons.

A grenade exploded beside him and he managed to raise his shield in time but the blast made him lose his grip on his sword. Undeterred, he ploughed on ahead, bashing Nazis with his shield and grabbing them and flinging them around.

When the battle was over, people cheered but Rock did not. The battle had been caught on film and soon the exploits of that day would make the headlines of every newspaper. His secret was out. He had tried to hide the truth about the extent of his strength, but now, could not blame it on camera effects. People would soon know, he was more than a mere man, but the first to confront him on the subject was the US government.

They drafted him and placed him in the new secret super group they were forming, the All-Winners Society. He would now play a part in a great adventure. It would be the role of a lifetime. This time, though, he would be part of a group of heroes. Each playing their own role. Each as valuable as the other. He would be part of a cast and not always play the leading role, but in his heart he would always be the Leading Man.


Super strength: Rock can easily lift weights most normal strong men struggle to.

Enhanced vitals: He has enhanced reflexes and a higher than normal resistance to pain.

Martial arts: He is a master of many hand to hand combats and is a expert swordsman.

Weaknesses: Though he does seem a little more durable then the average man he can be hurt or killed if something gets part his body armor or shield.

Paraphernalia: He uses a broad sword and a shield.