Character- Lightning

Created by: Mike Silva

Other pictures: Lightning full body

Name: Jonathan Spark
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 foot
Hair: Brown
Age: 25

Born in: Canada (Alternate Earth)

Ethical alliance: Good


Lightning is an alternate version of the Hurricane.

Jonathan Spark, a young and promising mechanical engineer, was hired by ASTRO labs, to work on a new device believed to be able to generate an unlimited energy source. Jonathan and his team worked days and nights non-stop to finish this project but complications were constantly creeping up and many tests had responded poorly, causing their investors to become skeptical as to its ultimate outcome. Still, as the project did show some promise, they did allow them a moderate budget even if the deadline they offered them was too limited.

Fighting against time, the team did manage to finish the device before the deadline but much had been rushed in the process. Many more tests should have been performed before putting the device online, but the investors wanted to see the results immediately.

The device was turned on to power up the facility and it seemed to be a complete success. For months, the machine did as expected; it offered the facility unlimited energy. Plans to expand the technology globally were put into motion even after Jonathan had indicated that the device seemed to be becoming unstable. He claimed that if the device was not shut off it would start to overheat and explode.

His peers did not accept his conclusions. They claimed that the energy fluctuations would stabilize once the power was rerouted to an secondary source but Jonathan did not see it that way.

He tried to make them understand that the rate at which the energy was being produced would soon begin to increase exponentially and would then be impossible to contain, but he was overuled by his superiors.

Then one day, it happened. The entire building was taken in the grip of an ever increasing energy storm.  As Jonathan had predicted, the energy device was releasing more energy than could be contained and the science team was burned to a crisp as they tried to shut down the device. Jonathan, who had been in an adjoining room, was spared their fate. He rushed to their aid but it was too late for them.

The building was evacuated. Only Jonathan stayed behind. Someone had to do something and he desperately tried to contain the situation but he knew it was futile. He couldn't stop the inevitable.

Maybe he could still try to divert the excess flow of energy to a secondary source. Perhaps the main city grid, he assessed. Surely it should be able to handle it for a time. It may even be sufficient.

Alas, no one would ever know, because before he could complete the transfer, he was caught in its ultimate release. As a result, a large part of the facility exploded but the damage was limited. it could have worse.

To everyone's dismay, Jonathan had survived the ordeal, though he was not unchanged by the experience. His co-workers had been right about one thing; diverting the energy to a secondary source had been the solution. Who would have guessed that he would turn out to be that secondary source.  

But the energy released had done more than enter his body. It had changed it. Jonathan could now fly, lift incredibly heavy weights, generate electricity, and travel at excessive speeds. He learned to master the energy within him, and when he deemed himself ready, decided he would become a hero to the world. Before he could name himself, the world named him Lightning.  


Speed: Lightning's body allows him to go to incredible speeds, enabling him to reach the speed of light, but he needs to keep control of the force field he generates in order to reach this speed. If he did not, the disruption he would cause to the environment could destroy an entire city. His speed also allows him to deal devastating attacks. 

Enhanced intelligence: His super speed also affects his brain, allowing him to think, learn and do pretty much everything faster than any human being. This gives him the impression that everyone else is moving at a snail's pace.  

Super strength: The electricity his body generates fills his cells full of energy which gives him inordinate strength. The limit of lightning's strength as not yet been discovered, but it starts getting difficult for him when lifting weights around 500 tons.

Physical/energy resistance: He has shown that he can resist some of the most rigorous physical and energy attacks.

Healing factor:
His cells are in a constant state of regeneration and fortification, enabling him to heal rapidly.

Flight: Lightning can release energy from his body to act as a repulsors, allowing him to fly.

Energy manipulation: Thanks to his unique biology, Lightning's body can generate electricity on its own, giving him near unlimited energy.

Force fields: He can also generate electric fields that absorb the energy and minimizes the damage done by his excess speed.

Lightning blast: He can use his energy offensively as electric blast, which he releases through his hands.

Weaknesses: Lightning has to constantly keep his power in check. If he loses control, it could have devastating effects on the environment. Furthermore, when his power is let loose too quickly, his body cannot keep up with its rate of flow and after a time, it can physically hurt him.

Paraphernalia: His goggles have a heads up display, helping him analyse his environment. It also gives him warnings if he goes too fast, or the force field is not holding.