Character- Lotus Mandrake
Lotus Mandrake

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearances:
Global Defense Force #2

Other Picture: 
Lotus Mandrake full body

Real Name: Lotus Mandrake
Hair: Dark green
Eyes: Light green
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Age: Unknown

Country of Origin: Alien, not from Earth

Ethical alliance: Evil


Lotus Mandrake is one of the generals of a alien plant army. Her mission is to take control of the Earth. She considers animals food and nothing more.

Her attack on Las Vegas proves she does not care for human life and will not listen to reason. She believes this is the will of her god to destroy all animals. All the instructions on what must be done is in the Book of Life. Which is housed in their home world The Tree of Life.


Florakinesis: She has the ability to talk to plants, making them grow and move the way she wants them to.

Regeneration: She is able to regenerate at amazing speeds. In a blink of an eye she was able to regenerate her arm that was cut off. 

Super strength: She possesses enhanced strength enabling her to lift in excess of 100 tons. 

She also has claws powerful enough to pierce the hardest steel and even managed to penetrate Siege's force field. She can also throw them if needed. 

Speed: She can run at supersonic speeds and even managed to catch Sonic Soldier and claw him.

Venom: She has the ability to release poison, which she delivers through her claws. This can lead anywhere from incapacitation to death.

Weaknesses: She can only use Regeneration and Speed for a short time. These appear to be linked to the trees on the planet itself.