Character- Siege

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: 
Global Defense Force #1 

Other picture: Siege full body

Real Name: Rachel Powell
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5 foot 2 inches
Age: 19

Born in: England

Ethical alliance: Good


Siege, is one of those rare individuals who was born with her powers. Her parents had a combination of them but to a much smaller degree. When Rachel was born, her powers equaled that of her parents but as she grew older, they only got stronger.

Rachel's parents were part of the British Special Forces and she grew up in the army base. After her parents died on a mission, Ian, the White Knight, continued to raise her like his own daughter. He instruted her in various forms of combat but she is a long way to be considered an expert.

She joined the British Special Forces as soon as she turned 18 but continues to train her skills as a member of Global Defense Force


Telekinesis: Siege can use her mind to move objects.

Power lift: Her telekinesis enables her to lift loads of up to 50 tons.

She is able to link minds and read thoughts. 

Mind control: She can alter memories and disrupt thinking.

Intangibility: She can alter her body density to pass through solid objects.

Flight: She can fly but often prefers to use her telekinesis to make herself fly instead of her flight power.

Force fields: She can create fields of energy for protection or energy constructs (hands, bats, walls) to strike her enemies.

She also produces an unconscious pink glowing energy around her or anyone she uses her powers on.

Weaknesses: The pink glowing energy she produces as a by-product of her power makes stealth almost impossible for her.

She also cannot use her intangibility and flight when she uses her telepathy and telekinesis.