Character- Lumberjax

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Pictures:

Real Name: Steve Anderson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 3 inches 
Age: 27

Born in:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Steve grew up in North Dakota and joined the marines after high school. After serving several tours in Iraq, where he received the Medal of Honor for saving his platoon, Steve returned home and decided to just have a normal life.

Raised within a circle of lumberjacks, he returned to do what his father had taught him and resumed the old tradition. Things were going great until the day he and some fellow loggers fell into a deep sinkhole. Two died from the fall, and Steve and his remaining friend lay in pain, hardly able to move. Steve crawled to him to check on his injuries. He knew he didn't have much time but, after shouting as loud as he could, realized no one could hear him.

He used his flashlight to look around and saw that he was in a large cave. In the distance, he spotted a light. Thinking it may be a way out, he crawled over to it. The light, however, turned out to be emanating from a huge double-sided axe. As he examined it, he could see weird writing on it that seemed very old. Maybe I can use it to hack a way out, he thought.

He tried to pick it up but the thing would not budge. Steve swore while his muscles strained to lift the axe. " C'mon, you damned cave, let go off the axe! My friend's dying back there, you already took the lives of two of them. Isn't that enough?" 

Exhausted and in pain, he felt despair take over. He could hear the rasped breath of his dying friend and knew he could do nothing to help. He desperately tried to move the axe, once more, and pulled with his last strength. 
 "How am I supposed to get us out of here if you won't budge?" 

Steve stumbled back as the unyielding axe was set free.  He held it up in one hand. It barely weighed anything. It was as light as a feather, and it glowed. Steve felt his bones heal and his muscles grew, and as he had done to the axe, it spoke to him. It told him its secret. That it had once belonged to the legendary hero, Paul Bunyan.

Filled with incredible strength, Steve climbed to his feet, grabbed his friend and leaped out of the hole. He got his friend medical attention and when he showed the crew what he had found, everyone who tried to lift the axe could not do it. Steve knew why. The axe had chosen him and found him worthy.

With this new power, he knew his path should lead to more than to simply have an idle life. Steve needed to help people and, so, joined the All-Winners Society.


Super strength: The magical axe has the ability to increase the user's strength hundreds of times, allowing Lumberjax to lift in the vicinity of 75 tons.

Super jump: 
Lumberjax can leap as high as 100 feet, enabling him to cover distances at a speed of 100 mph for an extended period.

Physical resistance: The enchanted axe increases the density of his skin, making him almost invulnerable.

Power accesory: Paul Bunyan's enchanted double-sided axe gives him his power. If he stays away from his axe longer than one day, his power begins to fade.

Weaknesses: He cannot be separated from his axe for too long a time, or he loses his enhanced abilities.

Paraphernalia: He carries Paul Bunyan`s enchanted double sided axe, the source of his power.