Character- Micron

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: Battle Royale

Other picture: Micron full body

Name: Todd Sams
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Hair: Black
Age: 30

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Todd Sams, a college dropout, unemployed single father, and permanent bad luck magnet never had anything go right for him. After his wife died giving birth, Todd tried to raise his son the best he could but failed miserably and ended up with a son who hates him.  

After another unsuccessful attempt at communicating with his son, Todd walked out of the house slamming the door. Going for a walk usually calmed him and cleared his mind but to add insult to injury, this was not one such day. Todd got attacked by a gang of thugs. They beat him and stole what little cash he had been carrying. His cries for help went unanswered for, as his luck would have it, there were no cops or superheroes in sight.

Ashamed of his shortcomings, Todd wished he could just disappear from this existence...and he did.

The world suddenly became larger and larger. Things that were barely visible came into view. The sidewalk's cracks expanded and rose before him. Soon, their edges were too high for him to reach. He was trapped and the world continued to grow.

"Stop!" He cried out. "Stop this madness." And stop it did. The world had stopped growing.

Todd looked around him. There were boulders everywhere. Where had they come from? They were made of silica. Sand. They were grains of sand. And he was as big as them, or rather, as small as a grain of sand. No, he corrected. The world hadn't been growing, he had been shrinking. He had been shrinking from existence.

Realizing what happened, Todd wished himself large again and thankfully, he regained his normal stature but his ordeal had taken a toll on him and fearful of what he had become, he ran away.

He stayed hidden for years. Away from his son, his responsibilities, and his life. The world had forgotten him and he had become no one. He had become the grain of sand, oblivious to all.

Then, the tornado came. The devastation it caused was total. There was no escaping it, no matter what size he took. That was when he saw them, The Paragons. They had come to help with the relief efforts.

Todd was awestruck to see his heroes and decided to join and help. He showed them what he could do, what he could become, and they had offered their hand in friendship.

Todd was taken in by their exploits especially those of Gavin Reynolds. Gavin was a simple man who had been granted incredible abilities. He didn't ask to be a hero. He just wanted to live a normal life but he refused to waste the gift he had received. Todd idolized him, and through him, he saw the person he could become.

During one of the Paragon's missions, Todd saved Red Olympian from a would be assassin and knocked him out. As a reward, he was granted a provisional membership to the Paragons and eventually became a full-time member and assumed the name Micron.

Now feeling a new sense of worth in himself, Todd has begun to reconnect with his son. He knows that it will be a long road but he finally has the courage to do what is right and make up for his past mistakes.


Size changing: Micron is able to shrink his body while maintaining his normal strength and mass. The limits to how small he can get have yet to be reached but it seems that he has no limit. However, as of now, he prefers to stay at a size that allows him to not get overwhelmed by organisms like microbes or germs.

Miniaturization: He has the ability to shrink other things along with him such as weapons as well as other people. In order for him to do this, it requires him to touch the item during the shrinking and growth processes. The power of the weapons, however, will be affected by physics and their effectiveness will be reduced as they shrink. At their reduced size, they will be effective against insect-sized creatures but will do little harm against normal humans.

In the case of people, unlike Micron, their strength will remain proportinal to their size.

Gliding: A gliding suit is incorporated in his costume. When he is at reduced size, air currents can easily carry him off and the suit allows him to ride them.

Super strength: Since his strength remains constant as he shrinks, to the world of the miniature he is a being of inordinate strength.

Weaknesses: Still a bit of a coward. Fear limits how small he goes and what risks he is willing to take.

Paraphernalia: Micron wears a costume which incorporates glider wings. The costume is also made of reinforced fibers resistant enough to protect him like a low level armor.