Character- Midnight Star
Midnight Star

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: Battle of the Sexes

Other picture: Midnight Star full body

Name: Rose Kapell
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Hair: Red with purple highlights
Age: 20

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Being an outdoors enthusiast, Rose loves hiking and mountain climbing but she never would have expected that this passion of hers would bring about one of the greatest changes in her life. While climbing Mount Whitney, Rose noticed an unnatural stream flowing down the mountain side. At the altitude she had reached, water should not have been flowing, the temperatures being much too low, so she went to investigate.

She came upon the source of the stream and found that something had crashed into the snowy mountain side. From the heat of the blast, it had caused the snow to melt but by the time Rose had reached the point, the temperature had dropped and the stream was slowly freezing back.

The point of impact, however, was still glowing. A faint purple haze was emanating from the meteorite which had crashed into the mountain side. Rose tentatively brought her hand towards it and feeling no heat, decided to pick up the strange rock. 

Unknown to her at the time, the small meteorite had once been part of a much larger object, a comet. It had travelled the cosmos for eons but its course had been ended when the comet had been on a collision course with an inhabited world. 

The world's inhabitants, however, were unimpressed by the imposing threat. They had developed a high degree of technology which enabled them to deal with such situations. Using a new type of purple energy, they blasted the comet out of the heavens, but a part of it escaped destruction and was flung out unto a new course.

Carrying along with it some remnants of that purple energy, the piece of comet had found its way to Earth and as Rose picked it up, the purple energy found a new home.

Granted special abilities from this meteorite, Rose learned she could create highly resistant constructs from that very purple energy and, in the aftermath of an earthquake in San Francisco , she decided to put her powers to the test by helping in the evacuation efforts.

Altering an old dance costume of hers, she began fighting crime and saving people from earthquakes and other such natural disasters quickly becoming San Diego's favourite daughter.

She made the national news and eventually got The Paragon's attention. The team was recruiting new members and they offered her a place among them.

As a new member to the Paragons, she got herself a costume upgrade. With the help of Gavin Reynolds and Battle Medic, she has learned to better control her amazing powers.


Energy blast: She is able to generate concussive blasts of purple energy from her hands and can focus it from a wide blast into a pin-point beam. 

Constructs: With great concentration she can shape her purple energy into simple constructs such as cages and pry-bars.

Flight: Enveloping herself in a cocoon of purple energy she can levitate herself and fly at twice the speed of sound.

Barrier: She can also erect barriers for protection.

Energy/Physical resistance: Her barrier constructs can protect her from most energy and physical attacks.

Weaknesses:  Using up all her power too fast requires her to rest to recharge.