Character- Miss Zzap
Miss Zzap

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Miss Zzap full body

Real Name: Clara Zenith
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue 
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Age: 23
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Clara Zenith was a military trainee who was raised in a military family. She was dedicated to serve and make the world a better place.

While she was on one of her training sessions with her squad, they witnessed the crash of a meteorite. They decided to investigate the crash site and found the object within the newly formed crater but the meteorite inside it was odd. It seemed to be artificial. It was composed of rock but had also metallic fillaments running through it. Within the object emenated a yellow glow and when a soldier got too close, they saw that an electrical field surrounded it as well.

They were about to call for back up, when a strange grey skinned woman appeard. She introduced herself as Victorina and claimed that the meteorite was hers for the taking. She told them that there was nothing they could do to stop her and that their fate had been sealed the moment they had seen the object. Her mission was a secret one and as such, no witnesses were to be left behind.

With no hesitation, The squad leader gave the order to fire but their bullets simply bounced of Victorina's skin. The grey skinned female scoffed at their inefficient weapons and said she would show them what real power was. With incanny speed, she moved from one soldier to the next, slaughtering each in turn.

With her squad leader dead, Clara took over and ordered the team to fall back while she fired her rocket launcher at their assailant. But to her surprise, Victorina stopped the rocket with one hand. She then rushed to Clara, grabbed her by the neck and like a feline with its prey, toyed with her new plaything. Clara could see a sadistic gleem in Victorina's eyes.

Unable to escape her grasp, Clara spat at in her face. Victorina retaliated by throwing Clara on the ground breaking some bones in the process. But Victorina's aim had been poor. Inches away from where she had landed, Clara could feel the glow of the meteorite intensify, as if it was calling to her. She reached out to touch it.

Realizing her mistake, Victorina shouted. "No, it belongs to me!"

But it was too late. The electrical glowing fog within the meteorite took hold of Clara. She could feel the energy flowing within and through her and she started to rise and hovered
above her enemy.

Victorina's eyes widened in shock, "Impossible, you shouldn't be able to do that!"

The glow from the meteorite had disappeared but the object had one more surprise in store. It detonated, creating a huge crater the size of a small town. Clara survived the blast but was rendered unconscious. Victorina was caught in the blast but her body was not recovered.

Hours later, Clara woke up in a secret military hospital. The doctors told her she was physically fine, but they could do nothing about removing the extra energy within her.  Her body had merged with the energy from the meteorite and it would remain so.

Clara didn't mind. She had become powerful. And now that the threat of aliens had become real,
she would be better equiped to deal with them if they decided to return.

In the months that followed, Clara learned more about what she had become. The meteorite had been more than mere rock. It appeared to have once been part of a techno-being. Had the power source within the rock been a part of its essence? Clara didn't know, but she would not make her newly found powers go to waste. She would learn to master them and become a secret protector to her world. Soon, aliens would know that Earth was under the protection of Miss Zzap.


Lightning blast: Miss Zzap can direct lightning from her body, but does so primarily through her hands.

Energy blast: By releasing her stored electrostatic energy from her entire body, she can unleash a powerful omnidirectional blast.

Energy absorption: 
Miss Zzap can absorb electromagnetic energy as well as lighting to increase her power, but can overload if she absorbs above her limit.

Super strength:
 She is capable of lifting 100 tons.

Enhanced reflexes:  Miss Zzap has enhanced agility, as she can dodge bullets and energy blasts.

Barrier: With her aura/shield, Miss Zzap is far more resilient then a normal human, she can resist most forms of punishment.

Star travel: Miss Zzap can travel at light speed and enter warped space to travel to different worlds. She can survive the vacuum of space by surrounding her body with her aura shield.

Flight: In an atmosphere, Miss Zzap can fly at speeds reaching mach 10.

Military training: She is a fairly skilled fighter and has received military training.

Weaknesses:  Despite her great power, Miss Zzap has limitations. An over usage of her powers could drain her energy to the point where she could be no stronger than a mere mortal, thus the need to absorb electromagnetic energy to compensate. Her rate of absorption, however, must be moderated to avoid overload.

Miss Zzap is more vulnerable without her cosmic shield/aura. She also doesn’t fair very well against magic and supernatural entities like ghost and demons.