Character- Victorina

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Victorina full body

Real Name: Victorina
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Age: undisclosed
Born: Planet Asporion

Ethical alliance: Evil


Victorina was one of the deadliest warriors of the Asporian military force. Her service lasted for many years in which she fought in many wars, including civil wars and alien invasions.

Despite her phenomenal record, her fellow comrades were not comfortable around her. Victorina was very aggressive and bloodthirsty, so much so, that the high council of the Asporian military force deemed her too unpredictable and decided to pull her off military duty.

Not taking her superiors' decision very lightly, Victorina went insane and believed that the Asporian military force was becoming too soft. She started a rebellion against the high council and established a following where she became one of the most wanted criminals on her planet. Eventually Victorina was captured and imprisoned.

Days before Asporion's destruction, Victorina was freed by a small group of mercenaries called the Destructors. They escaped, and over the years, Victorina and her crew began doing dirty jobs around the galaxy. No job was too vile for her and her crew. They signed on for assassinations, theft and took part in several intergalactic wars.

One day Victorina was sent to look for a strange glowing meteorite, which had landed on Gaia (also known as Earth to most of its inhabitants). She thought the task would be a simple one, believing that Earthlings posed little threat to her, and at first, her beliefs were justified. The frail humans fell at her hand like cattle to the slaughter. But one refused to fall. Her name was Clara Zenith.

Victorina had underestimated her and Clara got to the meteorite first. At her touch, the rock released its stored energy. Clara was filled with this energy but all those around were bathed in an intense explosion that decimated everything in its path. Victorina was caught in the blast and seemed to have vanished, but her Asporion constitution helped her survive, albeit with minor injuries.

Clara started calling herself Miss Zzap and Victorina would become her main antagonist.


Energy blast: Victorina can channel a red form of cosmic energy from her hand.

Super strength:
She can lift approximately 100 tons, which is a standard strength level of an Asporian elite.

Agility: Victorina has enhanced agility and is swifter than an average member of her race. She easily rivals Miss Zzapp in this category.

Flight: She can fly and reach speeds of mach 10.

Indestructibility: Like most members of her race, Victorina can take more punishment then a mere human. She can easily withstand bullets and explosions that can level buildings, and sometimes even a city block.

Military training: Having been a part of the Asporian military, she is a skilled fighter.

Weaknesses:  Victorina is very arrogant and tends to generally underestimate her opponents, whom she believes are inferior to Asporians.

She also has no defenses against mind control and telepathy and doesn’t really know how to deal with magic and the supernatural.

Paraphernalia: Victorina lost her right arm during a civil war on her home planet. It was replaced by a robotic arm made from one of the toughest metals found on Asporion.

Her cyborg arm can shapeshift into weapons such as a blade, sword, claws, axe, a mace and even an arm canon.