Character- Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture: Shadow Queen full body

Real Name: Elizabeth Atumfiend
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5 foot 9 inches 
Age: 1000
Born in: Alternate realm

Ethical alliance: Evil


Elizabeth is the child of the sorcerer Mardas and his succubus wife Felinna. She also has a twin sister called MorgannaElizabeth’s demonic traits are stronger within her then her sister, giving her more unusual features, like her violet eyes and birthmarks on her legs.

During her childhood, Elizabeth was the more disciplined and kind hearted of the two sisters, in contrast to Morganna’s more rebellious personality. Elizabeth was also very gifted in the art of sorcery and even mastered abilities that Morganna could not, such as necromancy. Such magic, however, was deemed too dangerous for her to use and she received a serious reprimand when her father caught her resurrecting a dead rabbit.

She trained for years in the art of demon-hunting and regularly sparred with Morganna.  Her sister excelled and usually managed to get the better of her, but Elizabeth quickly learned to give as well as she got, although usually by outsmarting Morganna and through the use of cheap tricks.

Elizabeth would often go demon-hunting with her sister, but Morganna's impetuous nature got her into troublesome situations on many occasions, forcing Elizabeth to bail her out repeatedly. Morganna barely acknowledged the deed and her parents weren't aware of this lapse in judgement from their daughter. They simply praised her success at the hunt. But as time went by, Elizabeth started to feel that she was living under her sister’s shadow. This is when her personality started to shift.

Elizabeth started to grow jealous of her sister and became very secretive towards her family. She wanted to find a way to surpass her sister and started to embrace her demonic heritage more than ever. Elizabeth started to harvest souls behind her parents' back. She would seduce countless victims and take pleasure on feasting on their souls.

Elizabeth became more cruel and sadistic, and murder became second nature to her. Her sparring sessions with Morganna became more violent and she even attacked her when her sister wasn’t fighting back.

But her fall from grace began when an unknown entity manage to convince her to murder a family member in order to attain her full demon potential. Elizabeth battled her own mother and after a difficult battle, murdered her. That day, Elizabeth crossed the line and lost all semblance of her “humanity”.

In the centuries that followed, Elizabeth took the name, Shadow Queen. She claimed the souls of many victims and killed many warriors, including other super humans. She made uneasy alliances with other villains and had many encounters with her twin sister and arch nemesis Morganna.


Magic: Shadow Queen can wield magic rooted in the nether realms.

Super strength: Her demonic nature gives her the ability to lift around 15 tons and 150 tons in demon form. 

Elizabeth has the ability of regeneration similar to Morganna, but to a greater extent.

Enhanced reflexes: While not quite as agile as Morganna, Elizabeth is still no slouch, as she easily has supersonic reactions.

Extended lifespan: Elizabeth has stopped aging after reaching 21 years of age.

Energy blasts: 
She can channel her power as blasts of destructive purple energy shaped like skulls.     

Teleportation: She uses teleportation to travel around the world.

Force Fields: Elizabeth can create a force field that can block most projectiles.

Summoning: Elizabeth can summon demons and ghosts to serve her.

Necromancy: Elizabeth has mastered the art of necromancy and she can resurrect and control the dead.

Constructs: Elizabeth can create constructs that resemble giant skeleton hands, which she can use to crush her enemies.

Telekinesis: Elizabeth can move object with her mind and she can also toss her enemies around like rag dolls. She can also move huge rocks and small buildings with it.

Life drain: Elizabeth can drain the souls of her victims thus increasing her magical abilities. 

Persuasion: Elizabeth can manipulate a person’s mind with a kiss on the lips, regardless of gender.

Transform: She can change from Devil form to Succubus form. The transformation increases her strength, speed and agility 10 times and even higher.

Flight: In demon form, she can fly at hyper sonic speeds easily reaching Mach 20.

Natural weapon:
While in demon form, Elizabeth grows a long tail with a pointed end, which she can use to impale her opponents.

Weaknesses:  Shadow Queen is more vulnerable in her human form and can still be harmed by human weapons.

She tends to rely too much on her magical abilities and less on actual hand to hand combat. She is also slightly unstable and her concentration on her magical abilities lowers when she is angry.

She is also prone to be reckless in combat.