Character- Mr Okada
Mr Okada

Created by:  Rodney Lockett
First appearance:

Other appearance:
Shadow Kings #1 (coming soon)

Other Picture: 

Real Name: Akio Okada 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 360 give or take a few years

Country of Origin:  Japan

Ethical alliance: Evil


It was March 26th, 1685 when a shogun named Akio Okada witnessed a great comet shoot across the night sky. The sight was a good omen, he thought, and what happened next reinforced his belief. Another object had crashed into the comet and the explosion sent chunks flying off into space, one of which came crashing towards Earth.

Okada stared through the long lens he always carried. He could see the flaming object heading towards his camp. Mesmerized, he kept watching as the ball of fire came crashing down.

It could have crashed somewhere in the mountains, off in the East, or in the valley a little North, but the object seemed to have picked his camp and not just any part of it. What were the odds of being hit by it? From what happened next, it seemed that it was 100%.

Okada felt the force as it struck him dead centre. He saw the fire engulf him and he saw the ground explode from its impact. He saw all of it, but he felt nothing. He just lay in the middle of the crater, staring at the stars.

His men had seen what had happened and took him from the flames and carried him back. They called for healers to watch over him, but none knew what to do for he didn't seem to have any injuries.

For five days he lay there, his eyes wide open. Then, he blinked and woke up. He felt rested, stronger and healthier than he had ever felt before. But it was not until he had tested this new strength, that he knew he was different. He found out he could lift more than the mightiest of elephants, and his skin seemed indestructible.

Okada had been right. The comet had been a good omen. Unknown to him at the time, the comet, like many others out in the universe, had been carrying the building blocks of new life. When the fragment had crashed into him, the gift it carried had been passed on to him.

Upon hearing news that one of his Shogun now possessed a great power, Emperor Reigen sent for him and gave him total control of his armies. He asked him to use his skills to better defend his empire.

Okada was a patriot and gladly accepted his Emperor's promotion and the power that came with it. He led many battles and fought many wars. He would not have invaders enter his beloved Japan.

After Emperor Reigen's death, Okada continued his allegiance to the throne and served the next emperor. When that emperor died, Okada went on to serve the next and the next and the next.  In time all of them died, but Okada lived on. It seemed that death had forgotten him.

He served all of the emperors that came after and, over the years, became rich and very powerful. He could have made himself Emperor had he really wanted, but never once did he ever think of betraying whoever was in power. He was a man of honor, and he would serve as long as his emperor needed him.

It was after the invasion of Manchuria that Okada took a break from the war. He became a businessman and opened his own casino, but when WWII broke out, he was summoned to see the Emperor and his cabinet. They told him of their intent to join the Germans as well as fascist Italy and to form the Axis powers.

Without hesitation, Okada asked what he could do to help. He was told that they had heard rumors of others like him with fantastic powers. The Emperor wanted him to search for these people and form a force capable of helping them win this war. 

Within a few months, Okada had formed the Society of Evil.  


Martial arts: Over his long history, Mr Okada has mastered many forms of combat.

Super strength: His body has been given the means to lift weights in excess of 80 tons.

Physical resistance: Mr Okada's skin is highly resistant and virtually invulnerable. 

Long life: Mr Okada has been around for over 300 years and seems to be eternal and never aging. Whether he is actually immortal hasn't yet been disclosed.

Weaknesses: He hasn't shown any weaknesses, and he believes fighting is now beneath him and rarely gets his hands dirty anymore.