Character- Naciusofti (Leader)
Naciusofti Leader

Created by:  
Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

First appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1

Known leaders: Praefecti 356 
Hair: None
Eyes: Green 
Height: 9 feet 4 inches
Age: unknown

Race: Naciusofti (Alien)
Rank: Leader

Ethical alliance: Evil


Naciusofti Leaders run the invading military of the alien race known as the Naciusofti. Not much is known about them due to the fact that communication with them has been limited. What little is known is that the term "surrender" doesn't seem to be in their plans.

Invading armies seem to use a limited number of the Leaders. Since a single Leader can control a vast army, they rely mainly on the soldiers to fulfill the mission.

The Leader known as Praefecti 356 was in charge of the army that attacked and decimated Rift Walker's world, Trisen.


Power armor: The Naciusofti Leaders use advanced alien technology embedded in their suits for protection and other uses.

Super strength: The Leaders have shown that their strength far exceeds regular Naciusofti. It is believed that their augmented strength is attributed to their suit.

Teleportation: The Leaders' suits are equipped with technology rendering them capable of teleportation.

Weaknesses: They have been hurt by intense energy blasts but their armor is very formidable.

Since the armies tend to rely on their Leader's directives, taking out the Leader is a first step to defeating them, although it is easier said than done.

Paraphernalia: The Naciusofti use a wide array of weapons including energy blasters, large broad swords and floating small spheres that they seem to control. The spheres can be used to inflict severe impact damage and can also be set to detonate.