Character- Night Lord
Night Lord

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: Manchine #2

Other Picture: Night Lord full body

Real Name: Damien Lord
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Age: 35

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Damien was born in an alternate Earth. His parents were killed by the police when he was very young. They had mistaken their vehicle for that of a criminal's.

His parents were rich and upon their death, Damien inherited a fortune, but all that money could not quench his anger. Anger at the system and anger at the incompetence of the police. Aan as he grew older, so did his anger. Only through training did he feel a semblance of peace. And so he trained. Trained his body, trained his mind.

He had the money, so could afford the best. From the best tutors in every field to the greatests martial arts masters. 

It is not known when he began his vigilante career but Night Lord started killing evil doers in his home city. Crime rates fell and the people enjoyed the peace he gave them. They worshipped him.

Then, he  began taking things too far. Taking away people's freedoms and slowly started creating a very controlled society. But even Night Lord had his limits. He could not do every thing alone. So he created Vengeance Inc for that purpose.

He made contact with Magnus Star and they banded  together seeking  other like minded individuals to control the world. Each member of the group has his place but Night Lord is considered the brains of Vengeance Inc.


Martial arts: Night Lord has mastered many fighting arts, both armed and unarmed.

Physical perfection: He has trained his body to be peak of human perfection.

Enhanced intelligence: He possesses the mind of a genius and he is also an expert tactitian.

Stealth: His skills in infiltration rival those of Ninjas.

Weaknesses:  He is a normal person with no super powers.

Paraphernalia: Night Lord keeps most of his field equipment in a utility belt. Over the years it is shown to contain a virtually limitless variety of crime fighting tools. Different versions of the belt have these items stored in either pouches or hard cylinders attached evenly around it.