Character- Piraya 

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance:
A Tale of... #2

Other appearances: 
A Tale of... #3

Other Pictures:


Real Name: Gilbert Dupont
Hair: None
Eyes: Orange
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 33

Born in: New Caledonia
Base of operations: South American rivers

Ethical alliance: Evil


When Gilbert and his family moved to Australia, he quickly learned that his new home was fraught with perils. His parents were zoologist, and as they travelled the Australian outback with their son, taught him about the many unique specimens populating that continent, as well as the many dangers within. But when Gilbert reached adulthood, he moved to Sydney and the dangers of the wild were left behind. He never dreamed that he would actually become one himself.

He was out shopping for groceries when the seizures took him. As he convulsed on the floor, bystanders came to his aid. One of them placed his sweater under Gilbert's head, so that he wouldn't harm his skull with his violent thrashing, but he soon learned that it had been a mistake.

Gilbert's body started to change. His body was going through some sort of metamorphosis. It started to swell and became blob-like, and out of the fleshy body, a set of teeth appeared. The sharp, lacerated teeth bit into the hands of the person trying to assist him and ripped them off. After that, mayhem ensued.

People ran in fear, screaming, as Gilbert flayed about, tearing whoever got in his way. In truth, he was almost unaware of his actions. The only thing on his mind was the pain he was feeling. His flesh burned, and his lungs ached, but something was pulling at him. He had to go somewhere where the pain would subside.

The smell was drawing him in, and as he reached the water fountain in the middle of the mall, he sank to the bottom and slowly relaxed.

His relief was short-lived as he was pulled out of his resting place by some types of ropes. No, not ropes, but some sort of webbing.

He tried to focus on who was attacking him and saw that it was two costumed women. One was green of skin and the other was dressed in a red and black outfit. She was swinging from webs and was trying to wrap him in some sort of cocoon. He vaguely remembered seeing them before. They were Black Sting and Vipera. Both were members of Prime Force, a team of heroes whose task was to protect the planet.

Gilbert bit through the netting and escaped its grasp, but then Vipera was onto him. He could see her nails dripping with venom, and as she scratched him, the burning sensation increased. He threw her off him and jumped out of a window. The poison was burning, but the pain did not compare to the one he had felt before he had laid in the water. He needed to find another source as quickly as possible.

As Black Sting and Vipera chased him across the cityscapes, Gilbert was focussed on his destination, Sydney Harbour. Once he reached the water, he would be free to escape. He eventually reached it, and left his pursuers behind.

He could feel his body continuing its transformation, and it became more humanoid, but as he swam further into the ocean, the burning sensation returned.

He became mad with pain, and as his pain and fear increased, denizens of the deep sensed it as well. Sharks and killer whales took notice and attacked him, but he quickly dispatched them, their blood turning the water red. Strangely, the bloody water had a soothing effect on him and eased the burning sensation, but it was brief.

The blood he had spilled into the ocean attracted another denizen of the deep. The randomite known as Koraal, who had named himself protector of the seas.

After a brief battle, Koraal figured out what Gilbert's problem was. Like Koraal, he, too, had become a randomite, but his body needed fresh water to survive. Koraal brought him to the Amazon River, where Gilbert was finally able to relax, as his pain disappeared.

Gilbert noticed that Piraya fish swam around both of them. The pirayas tried to take a bite out of Koraal, but totally ignored Gilbert.

"It looks like these piranhas have taken a liking to you", Koraal said. "Perhaps this is where your new life is meant to be."

Gilbert corrected him, saying these were specifically, piraya piranhas, but yes, for now, this is where he will need to remain, at least until he came to grasp with what had happened to him.

Koraal bid him farewell and good luck, and told him that he should find a new goal in life, and that protecting the Amazon could become that purpose. Gilbert simply nodded and watched Koraal leave.

As Gilbert swam away, the pirayas followed him in his wake. He, soon, came across people paddling along the river. Gilbert repeated to himself Koraal's words.

"You wanted me to protect this river, and that is what I will do."

Gilbert grabbed the boat and tipped it into the river, and as the occupants flailed about in fear, the pirayas began to feed, as did Gilbert. The river belonged to those who lived in its embrace. Piraya would become its protector.

Let those who do not belong, beware.


Speed: Piranha can swim at a maximum speed of 50 mph.

Animal abilities/attributes: His physiognomy is fish-like, possibly related to that of a  piranha. He has mandibles similar to those of piranhas, as well as fish scales.

Natural weapon: He has sharp teeth capable of breaking bones.

Heightened senses: His eyes can see in the dark depths.

Super strength: His strength enables him to lift roughly 5 tons, and he has easily held his own against a pod of killer whales.

Physical resistance: His scaly exterior is quite resilient and acts as armor capable of deflecting small firearms.

Underwater breathing: He can breathe underwater, whether it be salt water or fresh water.

Toxin resistance: Having been stung by Black Sting and Vipera during his metamorphosis, Piraya has developped a resistance to poisons.

Weaknesses: His body is made to live in fresh water like rivers and ponds. He can survive in the sea, but the salty water gives him extreme pain.