Team- Prime Force
Current Members:

Arsenal  black sting  brawl  Mantis  sumo juggernaut  vipera


Team founder: Avatar Prime

Team supervisor: Caregiver

Official team leader:

Membership: Open to new members

Created by: Lawrenz Lano

First appearance: Novel Grey Legacy

Other Picture:

Prime Force is a sub-group of Gaia Force. It is Earth's first response team in the event of an extra-terrestrial attack. Their jurisdiction is worldwide but their main area of expertise is in civilian environments.

Order of recruitment: Warbot, Arsenal, Vipera, Black Sting, Sumo-Juggernaut, Brawl, Mantis.

Membership requirements: Membership will not be denied to anyone with regard to ethnicity, political affiliation, religious beliefs, sexual preference or country of allegiance so long as the candidate agrees to take part in any activity the team supervisor, Caregiver, deems necessary, be it contrary to what the individual may personally believe or not.

Furthermore, the protection of the planet, its eco-system and its non-Human denizens must be considered to be a priority over its Human element.

Base of operations: New York, USA.

Note: Members may live across the globe but during emergencies, they are brought together by Caregiver through Migration.