Character- Professor Fallout
Professor Fallout

Created by: Rich Anderson

Other Picture: 
Professor Fallout full body

First appearance: All Winners Society #1


Real Name:  Mikhail Nikolayevich Khamara
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Age: 52 in 1942

Country of Origin: Russia

Ethical alliance: Evil


Mikhail was born in Petrograd, Russia in late 1890’s to an upper middle class family. His father was a teacher of math and science for one of the premier universities and his mother was a devoted wife and mother.

Mikhail was a prodigy of his times and as a child, he quickly learned and excelled at math, science and other fields to the delight of his father. Yet although he excelled at academia, his passion was chess and he was quite adept at it. He was also quite arrogant and would often boast or belittle his opponent with any move that they made.

While still a teenager, he became well known in scientific and academic circles prior to WWI, and was sought out by the Russian government to aid the military, but they soon learned that contrary to his arrogant and haughty attitude, Mikhail was a pacifist. He
 did not like doing scientific research for military conquest or use so he endeavored to develop non-lethal weapons.

This did not go well with his superiors and he was deemed insubordinate. However, at this time the Russian Government was caught up in a revolution and Mikhail took that opportunity and sought refuge in London, England (December 1916) just weeks prior to the start of Lenin's Bolshevik government.

While in London, he met a young woman of Japanese descent by the name of Hana Mamiko. She, too, was a scientist but she delved into the newer sciences such as computers, robotics and more exotic sciences. Mikhail was fascinated by her and her work and enjoyed hearing her talk on subjects that he was not familiar with.

She was also quite competitive both at work and at his favorite activity, chess, but not to the point of belittling him. They adored each other and soon fell in love and married.

Both loved to study and excelled in any scientific field that piqued their interest. Eventually they were sought out by the English Military to work on the Manhattan Project and later in America. They were project leads in their respective fields and made quite a few advances prior to leaving for the American branch. Mikhail was the first to leave and was happy in his new life, but things changed when he got news that the Germans had bombed London and that his wife was missing and presumed dead. 

He was devastated by the news and began drinking heavily. His performance and productivity became impaired from the abuse and he was demoted and removed from lead of projects. These were given to a new and much younger scientist named Dr. Glenn Raymond Richards. Richards would later become Radium Ray.

Bent on revenge, Mikhail began to sabotage Dr. Richards' experiments in the hope of taking the lead position, and one fateful evening, as Dr. Richards was conducting additional testing, there was an explosion. In the containment room, Dr. Richards was screaming in agony as his body began to boil and melt away.

Mikhail watched intently, a smile on his face but as he savored his moment of triumph, the containment chamber ruptured and Mikhail was bath in the same radiation that had just taken Dr. Richards life.

When the room was deemed safe, their colleagues, dressed in bio-hazard suits, entered the room. To their dismay, Mikhail was still alive. He lay in a corner and watched in horror at what was left of his arms. The flesh and muscle had melted and continued to drip on the floor, leaving blackened skeletal arms.

Mikhail’s emotions ran amok, and his mind snapped. He giggled, he laughed, he cried and he screamed. He looked up and saw that he had not been the only one to survive. Dr. Richards was also alive, but he was glowing green. Mikhail resumed his hysteric giggling and was placed under medical care, quarantined and under heavy guard.

In time, Mikhail's mind began to recover but his body was still dying, so he was placed inside a containment suit to restore his mobility and to keep him alive.

Mikhail was to resume his duties but chose another route. He killed the doctors that had saved his life and escaped. Since then, he has done many new improvements in his suit and uses his genius intellect to further his own cause.


Energy absorption: Mikhail is able to absorb most forms of energy including life energy.

Energy blast: He can redirect the absorbed energy as offensive blasts and uses the absorbed energy to power his suit.

Flight: He has also learned to redirect energy to propel himself and fly at moderate speed.

Power armor: 
Being part cyborg, he wears a suit of armor to help keep him alive but his body is slowly deteriorating.

Weaknesses: Mikhail struggles to contain radioactive energy. He is also susceptible to cold and damage to his suit.