Character- Radium Ray
Radium Ray

Created by: Rodney Lockett & Rich Anderson

Other Pictures: 
First comic book appearance:
All-Winners Society #1 

Real Name:  Glenn “Ray” Richards
Hair: None
Eyes: Green
Height:  foot  inches
Age: 30

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Dr. Glenn “Ray” Richards was one of the leading edge scientists in the field of radiology and was part of the early beginnings of the Manhattan Project. He was recruited straight out of college, as he demonstrated insight and maturity beyond his actual age. He excelled in his work and became project lead on several projects.

Others did not appreciate that the young kid was now in charge of several high profile projects, but life was good for Ray and his family. He married his high-school sweetheart and had two wonderful children.

But over the course of a few months, he started feeling weak and severely nauseous. He did not have the energy that he once had, so at the behest of his family, Ray went for a routine checkup and received some grave news. He was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) and told that it was fatal. He was urged to get his personal life in order, as his life expectancy was estimated to be 4 to 5 months.

Stunned by the news, he became concerned for himself, but also for the others who worked with him. He knew that working with the dangerous materials could prove hazardous, but he had made sure to use the most rigorous of safety measures. This should not have happened. Unless, someone had tampered with them. But who and to what end? The project was important and everyone involved wanted to see it succeed.

He dismissed these thoughts, as he could think of no one who would want to do such a thing. Maybe he had simply been one of the unlucky ones afflicted. Not all who had developed AML had worked with radioactive elements. It was possible that regardless of his work, he still would have developed the disease. But perhaps now that he knew what ailed him, he could do something about it. He decided to treat it himself.

He worked day and night running tests exposing samples to different levels of ultraviolet rays among other things, but always nothing, until he started using radiation. That was when he saw some promising results, but his condition was worsening and time was running out.

He knew that the time for caution was over, and he decided to increase the intensity of the exposure. He checked the medical analysis report of the cell samples he had sent to the labs, and it indicated that the cell had been improving, so he continued to increase the intensity until he had reached a level the human body had never experienced, but it was working. The data indicated that the sample was being restored.

He was thrilled and laughed out loud, but as he did, he coughed up blood. The end was near. It was now or never, so he activated the radiation sequence and stepped into the containment room. The lights turned red as the radiation began to fill the containment chamber.

At first, it was a mild discomfort, but soon it turned to pain. He screamed as he felt the heat sear through him. He could feel the radiation enter his body, but his flesh wasn't healing. His skin was melting, and his blood was boiling. Why? The data said it worked.

Hearing his screams, his colleagues came rushing in to turn off the experiment. But it was too late, he was on the floor, boiling and presumably dead. One of his colleagues, Dr. Mikail Khamara was watching the scene, a smile on his face. He had known that Ray would be too pressed for time to adequately verify the results of the tests. Khamara had falsified the data, giving Ray the incentive to go all-in, and he had. Now Ray would be out of the picture and Khamara would become the new Head of Projects.

As he was gloating to himself, the alarm sounded. Everyone rushed out of the lab, but Khamara stayed a few instants, savoring his moment. This proved to be a mistake. The containment chamber ruptured and Khamara was bathed in the same radiation that had just taken Ray's life.

When the room was deemed safe, his colleagues, dressed in biohazard suits, entered the room. They began to attempt to revive Ray but knew it was too late, there was not much left to save. All that was left was a mass of boiling flesh, but it was moving.

The mass was glowing, but also seemed to be restoring itself. Slowly, it started to resemble a human-like figure. The sight was horrifying, causing a few to run out and vomit, and as the mass continued to reshape itself, it became complete and it spoke. It looked and sounded like Ray, yet also not like him. He had been regrown fit. His physique bulged with muscles, not a trace of fat remained. His hair though had not returned, and although he did seem fine, no one was fooled. Ray was still glowing green.

Khamara was still alive. As he lay in the corner, surrounded by medical personnel, he watched in horror at his arms, or what was left of them. They had melted and continued to drip on the floor. Khamara's emotions ran amok. He giggled, he laughed, he cried and he screamed. It was the kind of scream that let everyone know he had lost his mind.

The two men were placed in medical quarantine, but since Ray showed no sign of further deterioration, they focused on him and ran tests. They discovered that Ray was now immune to most forms of physical discomfort like extreme temperatures, radiation, diseases and toxins. He also did not need to breathe, sleep, eat or defecate because the radiation he had absorbed sustained his every need.

He was not human anymore. He had become something more, and he could now manipulate various forms of energy. 

Ray was eventually approached by a man calling himself Dr Frost. He was part of a government project looking for people like him, with special abilities. Dr Frost told him that by joining him, he would be given a containment suit capable of keeping his energy levels in check and giving him a chance at a somewhat normal life. With the hope that he may one day have the means to return to his family, Ray agreed to join this All-Winner's Society.


Energy manipulation: Ray can manipulate or control light, heat, low/high levels of radiation.

Energy blasts: He can release this energy for destructive effect (from pinpoint accuracy to large areas, approximately half a football field).

Poison: He can also release noxious/obscuring green clouds of toxins.

Healing: Some of the radioactive radiation can be used to heal or even restore flesh.

Self-sustaining: Ray doesn't need to eat or drink, since the radioactive energy within him sustains him.

Flight: Ray can fly and achieve a maximum speed of around 200 mph.

Regeneration: He has also shown the ability to restore severely damaged cells.

Toxin immunity: Poison and toxins have no effect on his radioactive body.

Energy resistance: Ray is unaffected by extremes of temperature or by radiation.

Weaknesses: It was discovered that Ray needs to have his power “bled” off to reduce overload. This can be done by either having him use his powers or by immersion in cold running water, like nuclear reactors. Doing this will keep his background radiation to a normal level, making it safe for others. However, it is believed that prolonged exposure to Ray may cause adverse effects to others, although it has not yet been proven.

His containment suit is highly resistant, but if the suit is breached, the radiation levels could result in a potential meltdown if he couldn’t maintain control.

Paraphernalia: Since 
Ray has become highly radioactive, he was placed in a containment suit.