Character- Psionica

Created by: Kamil Lamki

Other Picture:  Psionica full body
                              Psionica by David Pan

Real Name: Valentina Eoin
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot  7 inches
Age: 22
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Valentina was orphaned as a child. She lived in an orphanage until the age of ten until she was adopted by Sean Eoin and Hannah Eoin. Her adoptive parents were loving parents and gave her a great life but all this ended when she turned 19 and was abducted by men with strange abilities. These men worked for a secret organization called the Crane Corporation, an organization obsessed with enhancing the human race and also enhanced beings in general.

Valentina was held captive in one of the hidden facilities of the Crane Corporation where she and many others were being used as lab rats. The experiments meant to discover and imbue abnormal abilities to individuals resulted in the majority of the inmates perishing, fortunately, Valentina survived the ordeal and gained the power of telepathy and telekinesis.

The Crane Corporation’s plan was to train these super powered individuals and make them into weapons to fight in future wars. Valentina showed great promise and was trained by Leo Coldheart, a man with the ability to manipulate ice.

For three years, Coldheart trained Valentina in hand to hand combat so that she would not have to rely on her powers during combat. Her relationship with Coldheart turned from a student-teacher relationship to that more of a father-daughter. She also learned that Coldheart had a daughter who shared his own abilities.

Shortly after the death of the corporation’s CEO, Brandon Crane, he was replaced by his daughter Caitlin, also known to others as Mistress Velvet. Caitlin was more heartless than her father and crueler to her test subjects and upon witnessing Caitlin’s insanity, Valentina and Coldheart attempted to escape and stole
 classified files from the Crane Corporation.

Mistress Velvet sent dozens of super-powered henchmen to stop Valentina and Coldheart and a brutal battle ensued. Valentina let free her powers to tear through her enemies, ripping them apart with her telekinesis and crushing their insides.

Valentina managed to escape but the cost was Coldheart’s life. He sacrificed himself so that she might escape. His last request was for her to promise to protect his daughter.

Valentina finally reunited with her parents. She eventually started a new life for herself and took the code name Psionica. From the files she had stolen, she learned about the other super-powered individuals that Miss Velvet had an interest in. Knowing what fate awaited them, she decided to recruit them before Miss Velvet did. Psionica would seek them out and in time, Chelsea Sawyer, Alice Cristal, Alyssa Violet and Coldheart’s daughter, Julia Janus, would form the Valkyrie Squad.


Telepathy: Psionica can read and control minds. In addition she can make individuals see things that are not actually there.

Telekinesis: Psionica can lift rocks, cars and even buildings with her mind. 
She is also fairly skilled in hand to hand combat and using her telekinesis in conjuction with her combat skills makes her a formidable fighter. 

Power lift: Her telekinetic strength is so strong that she can use her mind to lift weights of thousands of tons.

Levitation: As an extension of her telekinesis, Psionica can lift herself off the ground.

Barrier: Psionica can amplify her durability with an invisible barrier of psychic energy, which makes her invulnerable to most forms of attacks such as bullets and even missiles.

Mind blast: For offence, Psionica can create psychic strikes from her punches and kicks. These attacks can create a massive hole on a skyscraper.

It has been surmised that were she to exert her maximum potential, her mind blasts could be released with such an intensity that they could destroy a whole city.


Weaknesses:  While her mind powers are astonishing, Psionica is still a normal human physically.  A lack of concentration on her part could let an enemy catch her by surprise.

Her telepathy can be blocked by powerful telepaths. High level magic users and demigods have been able to resist her telepathy. Also, beings who possess multiple personalities are quite a challenge.

Psionica’s psychic shield can be penetrated by more powerful psychic attacks.  Powerful beings have sometimes managed to break her shield.