Team- Valkyrie Squad
Current Members:

Crystalheart  Dreamsong  Hyper Girl  Psionica  SnowMaiden 

Team founder: Psionica

Official team leader: Psionica

Membership: Open to new members

Created by:
 Kamil Lamki

Other Pictures: Team picture

The Valkyrie Squad is a team of super powered heroines. It was formed by Psionica shortly after her escape from the Crane Corporation’s facilities where she was experimented on. Psionica got her hands on several super-powered individuals and recruited the duo comprised of Hyper Girl and Crystalheart. Soon after,she recruited SnowMaiden and eventually Dreamsong. Their main goal is to bring down and expose the Crane Corporation as well as protect the weak and helpless.

Membership requirements:  To join the team, one must to want to bring justice, protect the weak and to bring down the Crane Corporation. Due to its name, the Valkyrie Squad only recruits female individuals.