Character- Pulsar

Created by: Matthew Becker (BlayneDaymon)

First appearance: 
Currently in the process of being published into a comic

Other Picture: Pulsar full body

Real Name: Sitara Tandon

Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Age: 16
Born in: India

Ethical alliance: Good


She is the younger sister of Gravatara, and the youngest daughter of an Indian diplomat/politician, and a wealthy Indian businessman. She is also a descendent of an ancinet Hindu avatar that could control the 4 fundamental forces of the universe.

A borderline genius, Sitara is an expert at just about every form of technical wizardry from experimental tech to hacking and computer engineering. All throughout her early years, she was babied by her mother and father, because, unlike her sister who was born with darker skin, Sitara was born with fair skin. Sitara does not share her parents' view. She feels that her sister is the prettier and she 
has great respect for her even though Tara does not always reciprocate the same feelings back.

Her parents' pampering has caused a divide between her and her sister that continues to this day and Sitara has come to resent her skin color for that very reason. She also severely dislikes it when her mother and father babies her in front of her sister. She still respects her mother but loathes her father, blaming most the perpetuation of the sisters' divide on his lavish spending towards his prefered daughter.


Quantum frequency shifting: Her powers come from her ability to manipulate her interaction with the Higgs field (the quantum field that gives object mass) while allows her to reduce her mass and convert it to energy. This allows her to act more like a wave of light than a particle.

Speed: Sitara can vary her interaction to the Higgs field to lower her mass to various levels, as Einstein¿s theory of relativity tells us, the less mass an object has the less energy it takes to make it to make it go faster. And with her mass being converted to energy it creates a positive feedback loop as she speeds up. Normally she can near 10% the speed of light or 67.1 million mph. In her full power mode she has the ability to lower her mass to 0 and thus move at the speed of light. While running, she becomes almost a beam of light as her quantum energy frequency shifts to a wave like state. 

Enhanced vitals: Sitara has the stamina above that of a normal human. This allows her to run at speeds of several thousand miles per hour,for long distances but it is not unlimited because running at full normal speed (10% speed of light) uses a lot of energy and can only be maintained for a little more than 100 miles.

Transform: By interacting with the Higgs field, she can reduce her mass and convert it to energy, essentially acting more like a wave than a particle. 

Energy resistance: 
When Sitara shifts back to normal, her speed and momentum are not lost. Sitara's mass is  slightly increased when she shifts back to normal, giving her impacts more force but when she comes out of wave-mode, her body becomes resistant to kinetic energy so she is not injured when she impacts something. Only about 25% of her kinetic energy is transferred to her target as shifting back to particle form releases most of the energy as light. 

Spiritual energy: Sitara also gained the ability to use mystic Hindu sealing circles. She also inherited mystical chakrams that can act like seeking projectiles and always return to her.

Portal creation/sealing: She can use her Hindu sealing circles to restrain enemies or banish demons to other dimensions. She can also channel quantum energy into her Katars and Chakrams to give them super cutting abilities. Interdimensional entities are especially vulnerable to this as they cut at the time/space bonds, keeping them in a dimension.

Sitara cannot influence the world while moving at hyper speeds. To throw a punch or a kick, she has to switch back to normal particle state, in which there is a slight delay between her rematerializing and contact.

While in her light-state, small item can phase through her, but large stationary objects such as walls, she cannot phase through.

Paraphernalia: Carries a pair of Katar Daggers, and a pair of mystic chakrams. Also normally carries a tablet computer to do hacking and other tech stuff.