Character- Razor Fin
Razor Fin

Created by: Rodney Lockett

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Real Name: Fineal (Fin-e-al) descendant of Cleito, a wife of Poseidon
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Height: 6 foot 3 inches 
Age: 32
Country of origin: Atlantis

Ethical alliance: Evil


The king of the Atlanteans valued his power and position, and anyone who threatened his rule was imprisoned or banished from the kingdom. The one who would be known as Razor Fin was the first to threaten the King's rule. His name was Fineal. He was an aberration, given birth amidst the fallout of the surface dwellers' nuclear tests. The child looked nothing like his people, and the King had feared that he was the one that prophesy spoke of. It was said that a child born of Atlantis and yet not of it, would bring great changes to his people.

Fearing that the mutant in his midst was the one prophesized, the King had wanted him eliminated however, he feared that killing the child could have actually fulfilled the prophecy. Fineal's lineage was strong and respected, and a great number of Atlanteans valued his family's history. Killing the child could have brought the kingdom to rebel.

So the King waited for the child to come of age, while keeping a close eye on him. In time, Fineal's rebellious nature emerged and when he struck a royal guard during a confrontation, the King had him imprisoned. With the threat contained, the King felt safe.

It lasted a few years, but when one of his people was shown to actually have a mixed parentage, the King realized that Fineal had not been the threat. The one who would bring changes was the one called Drilt. He was born of Atlantean and of Human. Born of Atlantis and yet not of it.

Drilt and his family had no special standing in Atlantis, so the King banished him without a second thought. Without the protection of his people, it was unlikely that Drilt would survive. But survive he did. Drilt found his way to the surface world, where he made a home for himself and found a community of people he could call friends. Under the name Killer Wail, he became a hero to the world.

When the King learned that Drilt still lived, he decided that he could not risk keeping him alive. Already, news of Drilt's survival had spread to the general public and word that he might be the one prophesized was bringing hope to many. The King went to see Fineal and offered to give him a full pardon if he brought him the head of Killer Wail.

Taking on the warrior name, Razor Fin, Fineal agreed to the King's terms and left to track down his prey.


Super strength: Razor Fin can physically lift around 1 ton.

Natural weapons: He can whip his tail with force strong enough to topple a house, and he has razor-sharp fins.

Lightning blast: Razor Fin can release electrical discharges to stun his enemies.

Underwater breathing: As an Atlantean, he can breathe underwater indefinitely. 

Speed:  He can swim incredibly fast, reaching supersonic speed.

Enhanced vitals: His body is acclimated to survive the extreme depths and cold temperatures of the oceans.

Physical resistance: His body is resistant to high amounts of pressure and attacks.

Weaknesses: Extended non exposure to water weakens him after time.