Character- Killer Wail
killer wail

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

First appearance: 
Guardians of Creation #1 


Real Name: Drilt
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'1"
Age: 19

Nationality:  Atlantean

Ethical alliance: Good


Drilt lived his early days in the underwater city of Atlantis, but when he turned 18 his skin started to change colour and took on a white hue. It was then discovered that he was half human, and he was exiled as a result. Drilt had no choice but to leave his world behind, so decided to learn what he could about his human lineage.

As he reached the surface, he found out that his lungs could breathe air as easily as they did water. He spied a man fishing on the shore and approached him, but as he tried to speak, his voice let out a piercing wail that drove the man unconscious.

As onlookers watched, they called for help, thinking the stranger was attacking the old man. 

Due to the nature of the attack, the call was transfered to a local group of super powered heroes, the Guardians of Creation, and a battle ensued as they tried to restrain the stranger.

As the fight progressed, Rift Walker, the team leader, realized that Drilt wasn't trying to hurt anyone, and he asked their team telepath, Psykinetic, to communicate their intentions. After a session of linguistic tutorial, it was learned that Drilt's vocal cords could not adjust the level of decibels they produced.

With the aid of the team's robot tinkerer, Ro-Bowtix, a mouthpiece was devised to control the intensities of his voice. With it, Drilt could now speak and be heard, but could also increase the intensity of his wail to produce beams or shields of sonic power.

Rift Walker offered him to stay with them and join the team. A costume was made to match his new field call sign Killer Wail, and Rift paired Drilt with American Justice, whose task was to show him around and teach him the ways of the surface world.

After some time, the two began dating and eventually they got married.

When Killer Wail was attacked by the Atlantean hitman, Razor Fin, he learned that the King of Atlantis had put a bounty on his head, and wanted him dead by any means necessary.

Killer Wail was later approached by the mystic Professor Bizarre. He was asked to come and help the many worlds that were being threatened.

Killer Wail is currently helping the multidimensional group The Power Company.


Sonic scream: Killer Wail's vocal cords produce high intensity sonic disturbances.

Force field:
 He can produce a field of quasi solid sound to protect himself or his teammates.

Enhanced vitals: His body is acclimated to survive the extreme depths and cold temperatures of the oceans.

Physical resistance: His body is resistant to high amounts of pressure and attacks.

Super strength:  Enabling him to lift 2 tons.

Speed: Killer Wail can swim at supersonic speeds.

Underwater Breathing: His Atlantean physiology enables him to breathe underwater.

Weaknesses: Even though he can survive on land, he does need to submerge himself in water once a day.

Paraphernalia: Killer Wail must wear his mouthpiece while he is out of the water, or risk causing irreparable damage.
Other appearances:
Power Company #1, #2, #3