Character- Re-Bull

Created by:  Paul Cole

Other Picture:

First appearance: 
Guardians of Creation #3 (Forthcoming) 


Real Name: Frank Jackson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'8"
Age: 34

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Frank Jackson lost his legs during an anti-white protest when he was beaten to within an inch of his life. After he was told the news that he would have to have his legs amputated and would never be able to walk again, he was approached by Southern Rebelle.  She offered him a chance for revenge and a chance to walk again.

He could not pass up the opportunity and he agreed to the wild experiments. These, in turn, transformed him into a creature half bull/half man as the lower half of his body was replaced by part mechanical and part organic bull legs.

He was also given a unique serum made from parathyroid hormone and various other glands that are classified. The intent of this was to increase the strength of the bull legs but it also had an unexpected side effect; his arm strength was also increased. To complete the transformation, the doctors reinforced his skull and added bull horns for intimidation.

Southern Rebelle was by his side throughout the process and Frank learned that the two of them had much in common. Once he recovered from his ordeal, he joined her in the mission to save the nation.


Power accessories: Re-Bull was physically enhanced with the addition of mechanical components to his body.

Super strength: 
His physical enhancement enables him to lift between 2 and 20 tons, depending on whether he uses his arms or legs.

Animal attributes: His legs are a combination of mechanical and organic bull legs. He also has a pair of bull horns.

Animal abilities: Like his namesake, he can charge and ram as a bull does.

Super jump: Re-Bull's powerful legs enable him make excessive jumps which he also uses to get around.

Weaknesses: He is a hot head and it often causes him to rush into action without thinking things thru.