Character- Southern Rebelle
Southern Rebelle

Created by:  Paul Cole

Other picture: 

First appearance: 
Guardians of Creation #3 (Forthcoming)


Real Name: Sarah Jackson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 36

Born in:  USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Southern Rebelle is a tech genius and traces her family history to Stonewall Jackson. Sarah's family has strong ties to the confederacy and she believes she will help the south rise again.

She has created robots that are extremely powerful and respond to her commands. These robots protect her and are equipped with high tech weaponry, lasers, missiles and more.

She also created Iron Clad's Armor and Re-Bull's legs and other augmentations.


Enhanced intelligence: She is highly intelligent and is able to build all sorts of weapons.

Constructs: Her technological skills enable her to build robots that aid her in battle.

Weaknesses: Although she wears body armor, it only protects her vital organs.