Character- Red-Girl
Red Girl

Created by: Chris V

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Red Girl Profile picture

First appearance: Victory #6

Real Name: Janet Oka
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
 5 foot 2 inches
Age: 43
Born in: Japan

Ethical alliance: Good


Red-Girl's origin is is shrouded in rumors. Throughout her life, Janet's history was told in different ways and no one is quite sure of the veracity of any of them.
Some say she's really older than she seems and that she's a mutant born from the after effects of the Hiroshima bombing. Others say that a meteor hit and she got her powers through that.

The suspicion of her true origin arose when the media compared two interviews Janet made years apart and specifics about events in her childhood didn't concur, nor did details concerning how she and her brother got their powers.

Some reporters, trying to dig up information on Red-Girl, found their research stumped when Janet's records came up as classified, according to the Japanese government.

Red-Girl likes it that way. A little mystery is a part of most heroes' lives, is it not? Janet often gets caught in her own lies, even by her closest of friends.

What is common knowledge is that in 1985, Janet and her brother, Makoto, were discovered in Nagoya, Japan, by the super villain, Black Akashita. They were dubbed Red girl and Blue boy by a reporter due to the colors of their clothes. The kids thought the names fitting, those being their favorite colors. They kept the names and since that day, used it as their superhero designation.

Janet and Makoto worked for the government until 1994, when she quit for unknown reasons. Some say it had something to do with her brother's mysterious disappearance. No one knows for sure. In 1995, Bloodwing was watching Red-Girl fight Black Omen from afar and noticed that, although she had lost the fight, she had held her own against a very powerful villain. Impressed, he offered her full membership to Hero Corp. and to this day, she remains an active member.


Super strength: Red-Girl has an enhanced body strength enabling her to lift loads in the 50 ton range.

Healing factor/regeneration: She can heal from various wounds and can regenerate lost limbs, although her regenerative power is somewhat slow. Red-Girl was shot in the head, once, and almost died.

Flight: She can fly at a moderate speed of around 125 mph.

Weaknesses: Red-Girl has no mentionable weaknesses other than the limitations of her recuperative abilities.